Sunday Funday
(Mike Allen)

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Why do people say she’s “losing” her mind?
Like it’s some kind of gradual thing.
I’ve never gradually lost my keys.
I’ve never lost my car over a period of time.
You either have it or you don’t.
It either is or it isn’t
And the truth is your mind is always in your head.
And therein lays the tragedy.
You can never really lose your mind, you see.
Even after you’ve lost everything else.



These are the people that society tries to cover up
Because they’re closer to the truth
To god
To earth
To humanity
Grandmas on the record player speaking words of wisdom
Seven grandsons three granddaughters
These people are tied not only by blood but
By reality
By death
By hard times
Their stories are heard through painful tunes picked with unforgiving hands
I watch and realize I know nothing.

– Katie Williams