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State leaders are calling a $900 million budget shortfall a “tremendous opportunity.” (Mike Allen)

If you have the money …
by William W. Savage III

Think of all the places
that are left in this country
to hide in plain sight
if you have the money.

Don’t drive too fast
Don’t use a phone.
find some pensive way
to be alone …

… to pass the time — Opioids, if you like?

You’ll need some food
And probably land,
a room at least;
a steady hand …

… this movie is getting harder to write.

It would help to be big
And dress in black
in low-lit bars
at tables in back.

… Country Club parlors will suffice.

Yes, THINK of all the places
left in this country
to hide in plain sight
if you have the money …

But to look at the places
where community’s eroded.
Maybe it’s best
we all aren’t loaded.

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Tres Savage (William W. Savage III) has served as editor in chief of NonDoc since the publication launched in 2015. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma and worked in health care for six years before returning to the media industry. He is a nationally certified Mental Health First Aid instructor and serves on the board of the Oklahoma Media Center.
Mike Allen is a graphic designer, painter, printer and tailor. He has a fine art degree from the University of Oklahoma.