Steve Reynolds

When I was asked in November to appear as a guest on that month’s installment of the Steve Reynolds Program, I was flattered and excited. As one might expect, I told my friends and family in the weeks leading up to the appearance.

“Cool,” went the common response, “when does it come on?”

And therein lies the rub: The Steve Reynolds Program doesn’t “come on” anywhere. It’s neither broadcast nor podcast nor recorded in any way, so the only way to experience it is to attend the live “episodes,” which take place at Opolis in Norman.

Being an intrepid journalist (of sorts), I sought to document my experience on the talk show with the aim of preserving a bit of comedy history (and also placating my mother) for those who couldn’t make the Nov. 20 live event.

So, below you will find a SoundCloud playlist complete with skits from the show, my interview and those of fellow guests Victoria Bautista (poet) and Jenny Godwin (comedian), as well as music from red dirt singer/songwriter Travis Linville.

The Steve Reynolds Program will return 8 p.m. Saturday with its latest installment, Post-Xmas Cupcake. The monthly program will be seeking to capitalize on out-of-town holiday visitors in Norman, and the show will feature several guests, including:

  • warm-up comedy from Aaron Wilder
  • comedian/promoter Ben Flint
  • Kiowa/Choctaw artist/provocateur Steven Paul Judd
  • photographer/coffee table book author Taylor Holland
  • L.A.-based comedian Leah Kayajanian
  • Oklahoma debut of band The Handsome Stouts
  • and a sketch that will touch your heart (if your heart has genitalia attached to it and is a bit freaky)

For more information and to keep abreast of future shows, follow The Steve Reynolds Program on Facebook. And in case you’re on SoundCloud, feel free to give the NonDoc profile a follow to stay up-to-date with future audio-related posts.