copy editing

Always read headlines backwards and forwards.

That’s one of a handful of axioms my fellow OU journalism graduates and I paid thousands of dollars to learn in college, and it’s a good one.

Someone should fax it to Donalt Trumpp’s campaign headquarters.

Whoops, did I spell that wrong?

You see, Team Trummp keeps visiting Oklahoma and dropping wild typos on the general public. Frankly, I feel bad for them.

Errors happen, we should know

Here at NonDoc, we are still seeking the funds to hire a full-time copy editor, and just the other day I read my own father’s handwriting incorrectly in his important Charlie Christian piece because he is a luddite who doesn’t type on a computer more than he has to. (I’d apologize for publicly embarrassing him here, but word is already out. He’s as unlikely to read these digital graphs as he is to hear NewsOK’s Dave Morris mispronounce the word “troglodyte” therein.)

The Donnald, however, has embraced New Technologies with the open arms of a savvy businessman who saw the media revolution coming and epoxied his toupee smack in the middle of it.

He is a Twitter giant and a reality-TV star, someone who has now parlayed a penchant for improvisational speaking into a GOP presidential primary lead that has establishment Republicans soiling every pair of underpants they own. He has his finger on the pulse of a frightening and often-ignored segment of America. Perhaps, as was written on our site Saturday, he has always appealed to the Nielsen-ratings voter. He just hasn’t been on a ballot and shilling for votes until now.

Sloppy with the copy

What Mr. Tump hasn’t done, however, is figure out how someone bumbled the spelling of “Tulsa” (Tusla) on media passes in January. Whoever mest up then didn’t not fail to learn from the first mistake. History repeats hisself for them who ain’t learned it.

So, in preparation for Mrs. Tramp’s visit to OKC on Friday, the campaign released similarly vitiated promotional materials:


I don’t know which error came first, the “Oklahoma, OK” one or the “Oaklahoma City, OK” version, but I would have expected more from a campaign run by esteemed businessman Daniel J. Trump.

Has everyone forgotten how to proofread for accuracy?

If Ms. Trump becomes presidant, we should hope his cummunications teams takes a copy editing class.

Its imperative that a president be able to spell good.

Don’t y’all think?

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Quotes to note

Finally we find that 38% of Florida voters think it’s possible that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. 10% say he for sure is, and another 28% say that they are just not sure. Cruz is exonerated from being a toddler serial killer by 62% of the Sunshine State populace.

Public Policy Polling in its most recent report on 2016 presidential polling, 2/25/16

You can say Trump is the candidate Fox & Friends invented. He was on your show, I think, more than any other show. It was always a happy, positive conversation.

— Former GOP House Speaker and 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends, 2/22/16

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