hell protesters march in Oklahoma City. (Photo provided)

Thanks again to NonDoc for the opportunity to present an alternative view to that which is usually represented on its pages.

America’s Holocaust is ongoing, and whether you agree or care enough to open your eyes is immaterial. Facts are facts. Human beings are human beings, and butchery of innocent humans is murder. You probably gasped when Rwandans dismembered each other with machetes. You probably cried out when Iraq and Iran deployed chemical weaponry against each other. But when those tactics are legalized for use against babies in the womb, you cheer, “Women’s choice!” like the statist drone you’ve been well trained to be.

Perhaps NonDoc’s attempt at shaming abolitionists of human abortion over their “aggression,” their distribution of truthful propaganda, or the fact that people call the police whenever their feelings get hurt in public was meant at dampening our zeal to expose the evil of child sacrifice.


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Maybe rational argumentation was thought to be implicit in the article, so as to prove that our position is somehow without rational merit. Maybe you think that we are threatened by your proposition that scaring children is bad (but beheading them is fine). Let me be the first to say that any such attempt has failed like the thousands that preceded it. Blood is flowing through the streets of American cities. By God’s grace, that blood will not be found on our hands.

True, abolitionists demonstrate sometimes in public with literature, open-air preaching, and signs. The most telling reactions are found among the people who avoid rational, open debate about these matters, such as the drunken sots who hung the pro-abortion sheet over their balcony or the author of the NonDoc article who took pride in refusing to engage.

Abolitionists with protested in front of the Oklahoman in early March. (Photo provided)
Abolitionists with protested in front of the Oklahoman in early March. (Photo provided)

Yes. We know that you have nothing. No argument, no righteousness, no care for others, no love for your neighbors, no desire to please your Creator or be reconciled to Him through the cross and resurrection of His Son. We know that all you can do is mock. That is why you have our pity, and why we pray for you, that your eyes may be opened and your hearts may be broken, for the systematic murder of children in your community really is partly your responsibility, and you really will stand before Jesus Christ to give an account of your life. Your denials, mockery and complaints are of no consequence and will be no excuse on that terrible day.

Further, we know that there are far more enemies around us than friends. What we are doing is exposing the antipathy to truth and justice in our society. We pray for friends but aren’t trying to spread false peace like legislators, clergy and Paseo business owners and patrons. As long as we draw breath, there will be no peace with child sacrifice. As long as you draw breath, we will not cease to beg you to repent and call you to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The last thing we want for you is that you end up in an eternal hell, though that is your current destination.

False accusations of abolitionists “accosting” innocent passers-by or of engaging in hypocrisy are just that — false accusations — and do not deter us. NonDoc authors whining about us raising our voices are of no importance. What matters is that we speak truth with consistency and with love, even when you don’t recognize or acknowledge it because of your sin. You think you have the right of it? Come and debate us in a neutral venue. You won’t, and we know why — you know deep down that you can’t defeat our arguments, as nobody else can or has. You skulk in darkness because it’s all you know. You lie and slander because you hate truth.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in NonDoc’s statement that “human nature simply begets hypocrisy, which is always a good reason to avoid jumping to grandiose conclusions about the morals or ethics of someone doing something.” To be frank, this is nothing less than an abandonment of any foundation for making any value judgment of any kind. You think child molestation is wrong? Hey, don’t jump to grandiose conclusions about the morals or ethics thereof. This is what a self-destructed worldview looks like.

You may think I’ve come on strong in this piece. I remind you that more than a million tiny humans were butchered last year in this country. Overreaction (short of violent means) is impossible. Where is your voice? Please, turn your heart away from its hardened self-absorption. Dear reader, the Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to forgive and liberate you of your sin. No longer walk in darkness. No longer hate the light. Repent and be saved from the wrath to come.