March was a warm month, with little to remind that most of it is winter time. Plants and creatures warmed to the south winds and sunshine. There were no ice storms keeping audiences away from music and art venues.

A big “fun folk” band from Australia called The Soorleys came through Norman as well as prodigal Oklahoma son Watermelon Slim. He lived in Pushmataha County for years but now resides in Clarksdale, Miss.

An OU student pow wow reminded of the richness that our first Americans contribute to Oklahoma culture. Family-centered lives and reverence for tradition are an inspiration. Graffiti culture on Campus Corner is constantly being renewed and obliterated. Meaning of the images may be cryptic, but the creative impulse behind them is not.

Pancakes & Booze

The Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market hosts its own monthly installment of Pancakes and Booze, an art show for local and regional talents to display their works. As the title implies, pancakes are served, and they are free. Admission to the event, however, is $5. For more information, visit their website.