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To the editors:

In remarks made after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Texas’ abortion laws, Justice Ginsburg said what many of us had been waiting to hear for years — just not in the context of abortion.

Yes, the abortion market is over-regulated. Yes, over-regulation makes things more dangerous, not more safe.

Conservatives immediately began to cry, “Hypocrisy!” How dare the court recognize the evil of over-regulation in abortion markets yet tolerate it everywhere else?

Yes, every market is over-regulated. What the Supreme Court did for abortion, it needs to do for the entire economy, but will anyone listen past the word “abortion”?

What is the principle involved here? It is an individual’s right to exist for his  —  or her —  own sake. This is what gives a woman the right to her own body and what gives a business owner the right to run his business as he sees fit. Your life is your property: It belongs to you. The decision to devote her life to her child or not belongs to the mother: It’s her life. The business owner’s decision to devote his life to his business is his and gives him the right to set the terms on which he’ll do so: It’s his life.

But too many pro-abortionists care more about women as a group than they do about individuals as such. And — to too many — business means profit, which they hold to be evil. So the abortion-rights activists and the business owners wonder why they lose ground to those — on both left and right — who claim to want to protect us from ourselves. But the decisions they want to protect us from are ours by right. They are the decisions we build our lives on. How dare they take that away from us!

Until we learn to stand up for the fact that —  as Ayn Rand put it —  “your life belongs to you, and the good is to live it,” we will continue to lose.

Rob Abiera
Oklahoma City