In Norman, some are countering alleyway graffiti by mimicking the style with art commissioned by real estate owners. It has produced some attractive visuals.


Plaza Mayor's Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Photos: Plaza Mayor fiesta & Cleveland County cubism by Doug Hill

Of course, art is where you find it, including in museums, of course, with Norman’s Skip Hill patiently explaining the process to patrons and then, later in the evening, actually coaching them on how to make it.

Later in the month, Norman’s Jazz in June was actually funk-heavy this year with a mix of central Oklahoma talent, some from Austin and the U.S. Air Force band. A police officer dancing with a chatty festival attendee created a memorable image.

Last but not least, Father’s Day at Plaza Mayor included the annual car show with several lowrider entrants. These gearheads invest thousands of dollars into old sedans that otherwise would have little value — except maybe as transportation for a teenager.

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