KD's Southern Cuisine
KD's Southern Cuisine in Bricktown received shade from Yelp users Monday. (Josh McBee)

Some users of the customer-ratings site Yelp have reacted to Kevin Durant’s free agency decision by leaving sarcastic reviews for his restaurant, KD’S Southern Cuisine.

A handful of comments, mostly negative and accompanied by low ratings, appeared Monday from Yelpers, some of whom seem to have created an account for the sole purpose of serving up shade.

For example, “Jefferson M.” from Paradise, Penn., has registered only one review with Yelp — a single-star rating for KD’s Southern Cuisine posted Monday. He manages to insert a bit of history into his vitriol:

Read Jefferson M.‘s review of KD’s on Yelp

Likewise, Dimitry G. in Los Angeles expressed a feeling of betrayal but remained kind enough to dole out a three-star rating:

Read Dimitry G.‘s review of KD’s on Yelp

You may have noticed that these commenters don’t even appear to be located in OKC. Indeed, the Thunder diaspora stretches far and wide.

But it wasn’t all downtrodden supporters-turned-frenemies, as a user with 21 reviews from Tracy, Calif., chimed in to rub a bit of salt in Thunder fans’ collective wound:

Read A.L A.‘s review of KD’s on Yelp

Among the sniping and snickering, user “Will B.” of Dallas managed to post a five-star review that put aside Durant’s decision to leave OKC. Instead, Will focused on the food:

Read Will B.‘s review of KD’s on Yelp

The comments about KD’s Southern Cuisine speak to the fact that an athlete of Durant’s caliber and celebrity status is more than a man: He’s a brand. The decisions he makes will have repercussions for everything connected to him, good or bad.

As public opinion goes sour with regard to Durant’s newly pledged Golden State allegiance, so, too, will public sentiment toward the restaurant that bears his name.

Honorable shady mentions

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