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Based out of Switzerland, Rosemary Meacham-Zittel has assumed the role of director of business development for NonDoc.

Today, NonDoc is happy to announce the addition of Rosemary Meacham-Zittel as director of business development.

An Okie abroad, Rose has authored commentaries for NonDoc from her home in Lausanne, Switzerland. Now, she has joined our team to implement a sustainable growth strategy.

Announcing the Writers’ Fund

As part of that growth strategy, we are excited to introduce the Writers’ Fund, a fundraising program that seeks to guarantee a monthly freelance budget for NonDoc’s reporters.

With a few core boosters already supporting NonDoc with $5, $10 or $20+ monthly contributions, we are asking readers to sign up and make their own monthly gifts that will be dedicated to freelance reporting.

Get started today to help us reach 100 monthly contributors to the Writers’ Fund by Sept. 1, our one-year anniversary.

Examples of our freelance journalism

While NonDoc operates as a responsible public forum for diverse commentaries, assigning freelance reporters to cover communities will always be a critical part of our mission.

By supporting our Writers’ Fund, you will be supporting the journalists who have made the following types of stories possible:

Lack of mental health parity creates ‘walking wounded’

LGBT in Little Dixie part two: ‘Most bigots are cowards’

Boren on SAE scandal one year later: ‘Only way to stop racism in America is to have zero tolerance’

Immigration limbo: Battles create struggle for identity

Miranda Lambert: Women prominent in Tishomingo

Caddo, Delaware tribes fighting Wichita development

Budget cuts shrink resources for homeless, mentally ill

And many other stories from talented reporters.

Sign up today

So help us welcome Rose as NonDoc’s business development director by signing up as a booster of our Writers’ Fund today.

Your contributions will go directly to freelance writers who interview sources, research details and report complex topics.

As always, NonDoc, our staff and our writers appreciate all of your support.