Fresh off her speech at the Republican National Convention, Oklahoma’s Gov. Mary Fallin returned home last week to offer her suggestions on the state’s newest problem: $140 million in unappropriated funds.

Yes, you read that correctly. After deep cuts to Oklahoma’s public schools, mental health agencies and colleges, it turns out the state may have miscalculated its fiscal crisis just a tad. Oklahoma’s legislature is now tasked with doling out the newly discovered cash.

Rather than bribing UCLA to join the Big 12 or giving Pistol Pete a makeover, Fallin wants to call a special session and use the money to give teachers a $5,000 dollar raise. Perhaps not coincidentally, the passing of State Question 779 would do this as well. The ballot initiative, championed by OU president David Boren, would increase the state’s sales tax rate to 9.5 percent.

Fallin’s push suggests she’d like to preempt SQ 779 and address its major grievance without a tax increase, but her solution would use one-time money for an ongoing expense.

Although many Oklahomans would prefer to give their teachers a much-needed pay raise, the method behind any potential action remains undecided.

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Quotes to note

“In america, when people feel like a person is below them … they will kind of talk you up. but then when you get up to the same level or maybe even higher, they get in attack mode.”

— Baseball superstar Ichiro Suzuki responds to comments by Pete Rose about his all-time hits record, 7/29/16

“readers are entitled to trust you less if they think you’re in the tank.”

— BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith reminds his team to remain nonpartisan in their coverage of the presidential election in an internal memo, 7/28/16

“she’s this person who’s like, ‘sisterhood!’ and then she does nothing but tear down the women who were once her friends.”

— Actress Troian Bellisario on Taylor Swift’s “false feminism,” 7/29/16

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