This week’s filter showcases the best and worst of our nation, as unrivaled athletes won glory for the stars and stripes in Rio while Donald Trump accused the president of founding a terrorist organization.

A man wearing suction cups scaled the side of Trump Tower, and Hope Solo called the Swedish team “a bunch of cowards” for beating her American squad. A retired Oklahoma teacher gifted his black colleague a Klan robe and Confederate flag, while Simone Manuel became the first African-American female swimmer to medal at the Olympics.

It’s all part of the whirlwind, historic, very strange year that is unraveling before us.

Things we saw (and heard)

Former Oklahoma Speaker Kris Steele makes case for state questions on criminal justice reform — Tulsa World

Lawmaker calls for study of ‘unconstitutional legislation’ — KFOR

Klan robe, Confederate flag presented to black teacher at Oklahoma CareerTech conference — The Oklahoman

New report shows what Oklahoma’s missing by refusing Medicaid expansion — Oklahoma Policy Institute

Admitted murderer in Moore beheading case had ISIS flag in car, prosecutor reveals — The Oklahoman

The night that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS — The Cut (New York Magazine)

Fractured lands: How the Arab world came apart — New York Times

Why Trump is right to raise questions about nuclear weapons — POLITICO

New York police arrest man trying to climb Trump Tower — BBC

Phelps leaves everyone in his wake — Sports on Earth

Quotes to note

“we played a bunch of cowards. the best team did not win today.”

— American goalkeeper Hope Solo in an interview with Grant Wahl after the USWNT lost its quarterfinal match with Sweden, 8/12/16

“treading water is not a policy … oklahoma is not where we need to be.”

— Oklahoma State School Superintendent Joy Hofmeister in an interview on KOCO, 8/11/16

“no, i meant he’s the founder of isis. i do. he was the most valuable player. i give him the most valuable player award.”

— Donald Trump refuses to walk back his characterization of Barack Obama as the “founder of ISIS” on Hugh Hewitt’s conservative radio show, 8/12/16

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