Filter: Sturgill Simpson ‘building glass clocks on Mars’


Country music’s Sturgill Simpson recently had some choice words for Nashville and the powers that be in his genre. While the Kentucky native’s quoted statement below is as quirky as it is apt, no one will be taking a SpaceX rocket to the Red Planet anytime soon.

Things we saw (and heard)

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Quotes to note

Some days, this town and this industry have a way of making me wish I could just go sit on Mars and build glass clocks.

— Country singer Sturgill Simpson in a statement blasting Nashville and the Academy of Country Music, via, 8/29/16

“It’s widely known that Trump voters support building a wall on the border with Mexico to keep undocumented immigrants out of the country. We find that 31% of them also support building a wall along the Atlantic Ocean to keep Muslims from entering the country from the Middle East. 52% are opposed to that idea.”

Public Policy Polling in explaining a recent national polling question, 8/30/16

“Let us carry her smile in our hearts and give it to those whom we meet along our journey, especially those who suffer.”

— Pope Francis, during a ceremony in which he declared Mother Teresa a saint, 9/4/16

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