Gary Johnson

It was a bad week for Gary Johnson.

As The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza put it in his weekly Worst Week in Washington column:

Gary Johnson, for swinging, missing and then injuring yourself while falling over at the one pitch you might get to hit all election, you had the Worst Week in Washington.

Scroll down for a Vine in which the Independent Journal Review takes advantage of Johnson’s gaffe to great effect. Also, NonDoc’s resident comics contributor Mike Allen had a similar take in this week’s edition of our ongoing Sundaze feature.

Things we saw (and heard)

Officer comments after Muskogee pepper spray incident spark controversy — Fox 23

Media turn on Lauer for not fact-checking Trump — Politico

The stories we live by: Why the white working class votes conservative — In These Times

15 years later: On the physics of high-rise building collapses — Euro Physics News

Students share disappointment in OU’s diversity efforts with #yOUrbad — OU Daily

Groovefest: The longest running human rights event out of Norman, OK — Huffington Post

Quotes to note

“And what is Aleppo?”

— Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, when asked what he would do about the Syrian crisis if elected, 9/8/16

“I don’t support Democrats and Republicans because they’ve been in charge for 150 years and look at the mess we’re in.”

— former pro wrestler and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, on why he’s backing Gary Johnson for president, 9/11/16

“For we know that our diversity—our patchwork heritage—is not a weakness; it is still, and always will be, one of our greatest strengths.”

— President Barack Obama during a 9/11 memorial speech at the Pentagon, 9/11/16

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