exo estrogen

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by Lindsey Allgood

I am eliminating my body

I am hands and feet and head

I can punch through it

I can walk through trees

I am silver-gold shreds

that means no one can touch me

that means i can do great things

is this not what you have learned?

to be imminent, above all things?

we are held still before tenacious thought

I am unruly desolation now

blink, and I am there


I am eliminating your thought

because I can now

that I am nothing

no sand

no snow

no air

I give wrists and elbows and ankles and waists and nipples and collarbones

take it all from me

and do something good

if you can

take a body

take a breath from this world

and make it something worth

‘I am’

I am nothing

you are nothing

we are everything

the body only disintegrates

when no one


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Lindsey Allgood is a performance and video artist, writer and art teacher based in Oregon. She is originally from Norman, Oklahoma, where she received her MFA in fine arts and BA in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma.