Filter: SNL spoofs Trump appointees with Walter White as DEA nominee


In this week’s SNL cold open, Bryan Cranston reprised his role as science teacher-turned-drug-lord Walter White from television’s Breaking Bad.

The character appeared on a parody of The Lead with Jake Tapper in light of his recent “nomination” as head of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

“Donald Trump and I agree,” said Cranston as White, “it’s time to make America cook again.”

The send-up comes just days after Trump announced Oklahoma’s own Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, even though Pruitt has filed suit against the agency in the past.

Also in Saturday’s episode, guest host John Cena of professional wrestling fame nailed the role of dumb jock in a skit lampooning Alabama’s college football program (see bonus video below).


Things we saw (and heard)

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Quotes to note

“When you look at the EPA, and the role that it’s played over the last several years, there’s going to be substantial change in that agency. There’s going to be a regulatory rollback.”

— Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, in a radio interview last month, 11/20/16

“In an act of logical contortion that apparently knows no bounds, [the Republican-controlled Legislature] believed that tax cuts to the wealthiest would improve the economy, while giving tax cuts to working families who need it most would be inappropriate. They can’t have it both ways, and they know this.”

— Rep. Collin Walke (D-OKC), in a press release announcing his intention to reinstate the earned-income tax credit, 12/8/16

>“I am tired of being able to call these things to our Governor’s attention. It was after I brought this lack of individuals of color on her Criminal Justice Committee that she hurriedly added two people of color.”

— Rep. George Young, Sr. (D-OKC), in a press release criticizing Gov. Mary Fallin for failing to include people of color on her health care advisory team, 12/6/16

Bonus Video


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