Cody Miller

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by Cody Miller

Like the needle awaits a vein,
And the pipe awaits a flame,
Though my drug is different,
I’m a junkie just the same,

I’m an addict I am cursed,
My hungers only getting worse,
I’m begging for release,
A rhymed and metered verse,

My addiction’s here to stay,
No need to plead or pray,
It keeps me sane and kills my pain,
And chases my apathy away,

I cannot hide I will admit,
I want a fix I need a hit,
To taste your words upon my tongue,
This my habit I shall not quit,

Caught in its web forever,
Chasing words of precise measure,
I lick my lips for more,
Seeking eternal poetic pleasure,

Across the great divide,
A place our hearts do hide,
In its pages our secrets,
Where our true love does reside,

One thing I know, a simple
In its grips I’m held, never to be free,
I know none will understand,
Except the junkies just like me.

People Change
by Cody Miller

To the World you were a weed,
Their looks so bitter sour,
Yet my heart saw something more,
A forever sweet and wild flower,

To the World you were a worm,
Hanging from threads set to break,
Yet I knew that you would fly,
A Butterfly that’s yet to wake,

To the World you were a raincloud,
Your true self they cannot see,
Yet I alone saw your magic,
A beautiful rainbow yet to be,

To the World you were a spark,
But to me you were a star,
I love you for your flaws,
You’re perfect just the way you are,

They always seen you as nothing,
Around you dark emptiness
Yet to me you were everything,
You were my light, my love. My world.

I was nothing before I met you,
Your betrayal my lesson learned,
Standing here without you now,
I fear to the nothing I must return.