An Oklahoman with no boundaries and who doesn’t compromise will play a big role at next week’s inauguration celebration for President-elect Donald Trump. That man is a Ford Truck Man.

The AP reported this afternoon that country star Toby Keith will join Jennifer Holliday and Jon Voight in headlining Trump’s inauguration event festivities.

Keith, of course, is a Moore-native and OU superfan who waded into the 2016 election season by wearing his finest pearl-snap shirt and Hollywood Corners ballcap to ask voters to support SQ 779, a penny sales tax for education that failed by a wide margin.

But he is also and forever will be — to me and many Oklahomans and Texans — the Ford Truck Man. If you’re unfamiliar, see the video above.

In addition to having bleached-blonde hair and a brown goatee, a Ford Truck Man is a Ford Truck Man. That’s all he drives. He ain’t got no boundaries, and he don’t compromise.

He’d rather walk 10 miles and be down on his luck than ride around the block in another kind of pick-up truck.

The lyrics really do get better with age.

Trump sort of a Ford Truck Man

For his part, Donald Trump would like much of America to think he is a Ford Truck Man himself. He dominated Hillary Clinton in Ford Truck Country, and he surprised the political world by winning Michigan, where Ford is headquartered.


Trump Train protesters

Trump Train rolls into Norman, spectacle ensues by William W. Savage III

Then, the week after his election, Trump issued tweets appearing to claim credit for preventing Ford from moving jobs to Mexico from Kentucky. (Multiple media outlets reported how that wasn’t an accurate representation of the situation.)

Keith becomes arguably the most recognizable musician to be featured at Trump’s celebration, though perhaps perception here at NonDoc is skewed by proximity.

Keith was rumored to have been playing Trump’s Norman fundraiser in September, but word was that he did not.

Still, the Big Dog Daddy ups the number of powerful Oklahomans with ties to the incoming president: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt will be his Environmental Protection Agency director nominee, Gov. Mary Fallin has interviewed with him and oil mogul Harold Hamm had his name dropped at Wednesday’s Trump press conference.

Here’s hoping the new president has boundaries and will compromise.