Pryor Public Library
Microfilm readers at the Pryor Public Library allow users to pull up archival images of the Pryor Daily Times, save them to a device, email or print them. (Cari Rérat)

To the editors:

I want to reach out to let you and your readers know that the Pryor Public Library has archives for the Pryor Times. They are on microfilm, which is certainly less convenient than them being online, but the archive didn’t disappear.

They are available any time the library is open. The only cost is $0.15 per black and white print.

Our microfilm collection goes back to 1901 and spans several newspapers — all of the newspapers published in Pryor Creek and some published in Mayes County. This archive is as complete as it is possible for us to get on microfilm. The only archive that might be more complete than ours would be housed at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The Times shutting down in the swift fashion that it did lends weight to the importance of libraries spending part of our small budgets on newspaper microfilm and the equipment needed to read the microfilm.

Also, kids in Pryor can also come to the library for free internet and wifi access.

Pryor Creek, like most of Oklahoma, is experiencing a budget shortfall. Assuming the City Council approves it, we will be asking our citizens to vote to raise their sales tax in an effort to support our police department, fire department, parks department and library. Now is a very important time for the community to understand what the library offers our citizens with this money.

Thank you so much,

Cari Rérat
Director, Pryor Public Library
Pryor, OK

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