a pass to hell

A few minutes in heaven, out with a pass to Hell
by Brian Kasaine

I have a good sense of humor
I guess it’s what makes me human
I thought it would give me a chance as her man
But she said, “You’re funny
But you have no money
You can’t be my honey
My life, you can’t make sunny”
The bald head cruised the latest model
He took her to a five star hotel
“My wife’s older than old, pleasure has faded
Come closer, walk home with cash, loaded”
She responded, “You provide round the clock
For you, my clothes I will drop
I will love and never loathe.
Long as you provide, to bed let’s hop”
He played the deadly card. “Earth angel, I pay.
So let me have my way
Protection? Not that way
Not a single day
It’s cold, let me rush in; chase the cold away”
So he went in; they flew on the wings of ecstasy.
The thrill elevated, her breathing escalated.
As the sweet surge raced through,
So did the virus.
A few minutes in heaven;
Then out with a pass to Hell.
She now looks at the vista of the city,
But in it sees no beauty.
She has no peace within,
Only regrets brewing; pain’s the song she sings
She writes a story,
And when the recital is over; life whispers “sorry”
She seals it in an envelope
Not with saliva, but with tears.
Maybe a head that isn’t under the sand will read,
And know how to wisely play the cards life gives.

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Lesalon Kasaine is a Kenyan writer and journalist based in Nairobi. He has been a contributor on NonDoc since 2017, publishing poems and short stories. He has authored a crime thriller, Three Bolts From The Blue, and an anthology, Around The Campfire. He works as the content strategist at Qazini, a media platform that seeks to drive systemic change in society.