I decided to host a party and fundraiser for NonDoc because I realized I have been using and sharing their work in my everyday conversations about our local issues. When I read the site’s articles, I can tell they are written by people who care and want to make a difference.

Oklahoma City and Oklahoma at large need diverse, credible voices if we are going to keep improving our society. The staff writers and editors at NonDoc work hard to bring relevant and timely information that keeps us up to date and engaged with the most important issues our communities face.

The moment I knew I had to do something came as the last legislative session really started to heat up. I had read the commentary by Jerry Johnson and Michael Clingman about Oklahoma’s gross production tax being overestimated and wondered why I hadn’t read anything like this before.

As it happens, there was a reason for that. I heard that this letter had been submitted to multiple larger media outlets that had refused to put it in print. That’s when I realized the value of NonDoc, not just as another voice but as another platform for the community to engage on.

As a result, I became a Writers’ Fund supporter, which I hope you will consider doing as well.

An open and diverse forum

I want NonDoc to be a permanent Oklahoma institution that cuts its own independent path to the truth regardless of the political consequences.

If the site is to do that, then it will need the support of a community that will reward journalists for independence rather than for repeating the narratives we typically want to hear.

While I don’t agree with some of what is printed at NonDoc, I know that what is really important is having an open and diverse forum that helps the community and myself grow.

I look forward to meeting others who feel similarly about NonDoc’s future at our July 8 party.