Green family

To the editors:

Fervor, artifacts, money and religion: all ingredients for a bomb of immorality, illegality, creating a chain reaction to fuel more bombs across thousands of miles, uniting otherwise discordant blood enemies born of the same hairsplitting mythology, thirsting for a scorched earth, both wanting to overthrow reasonable civil government in order to restore the world to a primitive past thought to be perfect.

Let me see if I’ve got this right. People who are not well-versed in history, poor and on skid row, are baited by the FBI to “plan” terrorist” acts, but don’t follow through and are nonetheless sent to prison for many years.

Chelsea Manning reveals the criminal act of American military drones attacking civilians and journalists and is sentenced to a near lifetime in jail.

Assange and Snowden reveal the secrets of American government, no one dies, there is no exchange of money, and are under probable indictment by secret grand juries and, if can be done, will be extradited to the U.S., secretly tried and convicted in a closed courtroom because the secrets already made public can’t be defended without threats to national security. This has already been tested at Guantanamo Bay and it worked.

Yet a privately held family corporation can be found guilty in a civil court, fined $3 million, ordered to return the pilfered artifacts and no one goes to jail. The head of the family, pleads he was in over his head and a neophyte and just happens to be opening a museum of the bible in Washington, claiming its mission is to bring the American people closer to God and his words.

It’s strongly suggested by some that the millions paid for the looted artifacts helped fuel the Islamic caliphate known as ISIS, an admitted terrorist organization steeped in religious fervor that conducts atrocities barely describable in barbarity much like the Green family is steeped in their own brand of fervor. Also, let’s not forget about two to three years ago the Green family wanted to provide and pay the Mustang, Oklahoma, public schools to teach the Green family bible curriculum. When the negative reaction got too much to handle, the offer was withdrawn citing the bible course needed revision.

Shysters never balk at the possible shame they might encounter when caught in the act of shystering; it’s just another temporary speed bump in the road to save the souls of mankind from the fires of Hell. I think most of us can handle our own souls — the Green family should look after their own home fires.

James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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