(Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation)

To the editors,

I enjoyed Mike Allen’s jab at Mayor Mick regarding Scissortail Park.  You know that the Scissortail is a magnificent bird and a great symbol for our state.  But perhaps we should take a note from the Carolinas and their Chickadee?

Why not rename the bird as the “Oklahoma Scissortail”?

It’s a much more pleasing name that can help enhance the image of Oklahoma. Further, it might be the only resolution that Legislature could ever agree on in a bipartisan way.

Food for thought.

John Langston
Edmond, Oklahoma

PS: I am sharing no opinion about “Parky McParky Parkface”, nor ‘The Park.” Whatever….. Perhaps if some of the big MAPS money might’ve gotten OKC Public Schools outta Dutch?


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Braum’s smash! The dairy store has become a bully by Mike Allen

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