your shoes

In your shoes, to feel what you go through
by Brian Kasaine

Let’s trade places
Mount my horse
I’ll slip feet into your shoes.
Ride through my garden of roses,
As I experience for myself what I hear,
That the force behind your tear,
Is a sad and heart breaking reality
That in your life,
Problems are rife.
Let’s trade places
I will tighten laces
While in those shoes;
In which you oppress your sole;
A soul out to seek daily dues
Perspire as pain rules;
A comfortable and committed committee of worms biting your stomach.
They even gave you an onomatopoeic name,
For your rumbling stomach!
But with time you learned to stomach
The hurt they hurl and make you have; though much.
Dine on my table,
And I will lick from your scuzzy stable.
How dare they reduce you to an animal?
How dare they refuse the call to humanity?
How can one man treat another like refuse?
I want to feel,
What in your world has been real
In your shell what reeks;
Of poverty. At dusk,
Full of dust,
You latch yourself in your box,
Another day gone, back with nothing.
The door creaks, swallowing the sound of your stomach rumbling
And you ask,
Why does this rift,
Between the rich and poor,
Give a gratis lift,
To an all expense paid tour,
In a world full of filth?

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Lesalon Kasaine is a Kenyan writer and journalist based in Nairobi. He has been a contributor on NonDoc since 2017, publishing poems and short stories. He has authored a crime thriller, Three Bolts From The Blue, and an anthology, Around The Campfire. He works as the content strategist at Qazini, a media platform that seeks to drive systemic change in society.