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(William W. Savage Jr.)

Friday marked the official start of NonDoc’s third year. Since launching Sept. 1, 2015, we have been able to publish at least one post every day. Over that time, our Sundays have been staffed by good friend and talented artist Mike Allen, who brings his rare perspective on political cartoons to the site.

To see a cache of Mike’s excellent work, visit his author page here. You can also keep up with his comics on the NonDoc Instagram page, which we are trying to do a better job of using.

But some Sundays — more like Saturdays, actually — Mike needs a day off. I try to plan accordingly, keeping something in my back pocket for a rainy day or, say, an OU football season-opening Saturday.

That brings me to another personally wonderful part of our first two years in cyber existence.

My father, whose byline is eerily similar to mine, has contributed 17 pieces to the site since its launch. A few weeks ago, he handed me a political cartoon and asked whether we’d have any interest in running it. I told him we weren’t going to put Mike out of business any time soon, but that I would save it and surprise Mike on some weekend when he needed a break.

This weekend was that week, and my father was gracious enough to spin us a second doodled yarn for the occasion.

To that end, I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I’m thankful for being able to take a few extra hours off, but not nearly as thankful as I am that folks like my dad, Mike Allen and dozens of other contributors continue to make NonDoc possible. Our contributors are the lifeblood of this responsible public forum.

Without you all, the site would not have made it two full years. Here’s to making year three the best yet.

The world’s tiniest-handed violin

Trump fiddle
(William W. Savage Jr.)