Save us from evil

Middle Eastern Christians are being persecuted, maimed and murdered. This piece is intended to honor those in misery and desperation.

Save us from evil
by Daryl Ross Halencak

My God, do not forget us.
We have cried to the Blessed Mother and Her Son to protect the Lord’s believers.
We have magnified the Holy Family from the oppressors who desire harm.
We have prayed to the Paschal Lamb for deliverance from Hell on earth.
Where is your help?
Will He ride the mighty steed with the golden sword and fight the evil?
Will He build the Ark across the fiery lake and rescue us?
Will the Mother of God pray for His people with results?
Do you remember that we have worshiped you in awe of wonderful Jesus?
Do we venerate Our Mother for Her love and comfort?
O Lord, we thank your miracles.
Christians have followed the Law.
Many sinners are against us because of our honor to the High God and His Son.
Please destroy the warriors of hell.
We cry help from our death and torture on the deserts and in the cities.
The Lord must see us through the valley and bring us to the top of the highest mountains.
And before the end, our Holy Ones will embrace us into the arms of angels.
We ask for God our King and His Mother to help us.
And we cry from genocide within our Churches and villages.
Do not forget us.
Save us.

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