(Jack Fowler)

Kicking the can down the road” is a phrase often used for the Oklahoma Legislature’s annual avoidance of making tough decisions about the state budget. In essence, it’s a littering offense, and that’s a misdemeanor. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is aggravated theft using a deadly weapon. That is a felony.

However, moments after the scene depicted in the cartoon above, a Good Samaritan interrupted the crime in progress. The authority figure, armed with a veto pen, stripped the gun-toting perp of his weapon and detained him, at least temporarily. The fate of the robber will soon be up to a jury of his peers, who thus far keep restoring his freedom to rob poor old Peter.

Press reports indicate that the gun-toting offender is very angry that a Good Samaritan interrupted his offense and confiscated his weapon, at least temporarily. Further, statements made by supporters of the  offender seem to indicate that they had a plan to push back against the Good Samaritan. The offender’s small but well-to-do gang members vowed they’d be back, and Peter and Paul had best watch their backs.

The Good Samaritan sat and observed the confrontation before she made her move. She heard bystanders say that some might die, and others noted that robbing Peter was the worst act that they could remember. Other bystanders mentioned that the whole situation was causing them to lose sleep, and some indicated that all of the community in which they lived in just needed to change for the better. Some divulged that their hearts were simply broken over the whole ordeal, yet all those passing the crime scene kept their eyes focused straight ahead.

So the crime of robbing Peter to pay Paul was thwarted, but Peter is still roaming the streets unarmed, and the robbers have boasted that they will retrench, re-arm and revisit the crime scene. But the Good Samaritan, buoyed by the affection of others who could not or would not interrupt the robbery, stands as a symbol for the time being that good guys can still win one once in awhile.

(Editor’s note: The above cartoon was drawn by OKC artist and NonDoc contributor Jack Fowler, and this series is sponsored by Let’s Fix This, a nonpartisan and nonprofit advocacy organization that encourages citizens to learn about their government and meet their elected officials.)


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