From left, U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and U.S. Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK). (NonDoc)

To the editors:

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Savage’s Feb. 9 commentary regarding Oklahoma’s congressional delegation. They are a disgraceful band of hypocrites touting family values and fiscal responsibility.

Let’s take a look:

Sen. James Lankford: Here’s a guy that is always whining about deficits, yet he supported a huge tax cut for the wealthy (with “backstops“) that will explode the deficit in a time of economic recovery. Granted, he’s been consistent in denying benefits and health care to the needy. Of course, Oklahoma is a poor state and would benefit from additional domestic and defense spending. And it would be absurd to think that despite his parsimony toward budgets that he would be unaware that Congress would, in fact, raise spending. I’d call it (non) plausible deniability.

Rep. Steve Russell: He’s a real piece of work who runs an office specializing in cut-and-paste e-mail responses. Ditto with all I said about Lankford, but let me add he ran interference for then-candidate Donald Trump when queried regarding release of Trump’s taxes. I suppose he has no appreciation for Trump’s conflicts of interest in owning a business and the Emolument Clause of the Constitution, nor any financial ties to foreign interests — like Russia.

The rest of them are the normal gang of hypocrites we’ve known for years, supported by the same ol’ gray men that put their billions of dollars above the good of our state, the kind of old men who scoff and laugh at anyone with an original thought that might bring progress here.

Now I hear that a few of them will tell their moneyed backers that President Trump watches TV all day and can’t be trusted. I suppose you have to pay to hear the truth — not that we need these guys to tell us that.

John Langston
Edmond, Oklahoma

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