breath vs bullets

Breath vs Bullets
by James Coburn

Children breathe against a gunman
their only defense.
We breathe facing weapons —
free to exhale smoke
from pierced lungs.
A gun is free to end children’s lives
because killers breathe.
Our children die in schools
taking their last breaths.
We breathe so guns will be safe.
We breathe to protect bullets.
We breathe so guns will survive.
Florida Congressman says,
“Killers will always find a gun.”
Children take their last breath,
panting their only defense
against slaughter.
Mothers hold their breath;
fathers breathe the pain.
Friends walk alone
or stay home,
in the silence
of fear
we do nothing to stop it
as shells fall
and murderers hunt at our feet
opening doors as bullets
hiss free with breath.

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James Coburn is an Oklahoma poet, photographer and journalist. His first book of poetry, "Words of Rain," was a 2015 finalist for the Oklahoma Book Awards. His work has appeared numerous anthologies. A long­time journalist for The Edmond Sun, Coburn is a 2013 inductee of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.