do the clothes discuss

The stories of us
by Peter Fulmer

Do the clothes discuss
What happened today?
When the little used coat is returned to its hanger
And the light is off
Does he regale the rest with what he saw and where he went?
As the old favorite smirks and says, “Been there, done that.”
Do the shirts compare the events for which they are chosen?
Socks complaining they can never see
Underwear keeping secrets, most of the time…
Ties, once important
Now only necessary
Hang regally but unconsidered
Belts and shoes
Wary teammates
Workhorse or show pony
Each has a role
When the doors open
And the light comes on
Do they silently pray
Pick me! Pick me!
Or shrink, hoping to last forever
Fearing fashion
Fearing fat or fitness
Failure or fault or falling ice cream
Any or each can banish them
Away a mysterious death
Might there be another life
New purpose in a new home
With luck and style they become
Valued and brandished
Power reborn
When the doors close, and the lights go out
Do the clothes tell stories
Have dreams
Wonder what if
Just like we do
Does our armor talk about the slings and arrows of the day
Quietly fortifying for the next
Heroes and heels
Personality beyond pattern
Dreams devoid of design
Are we their champion
Or chore
Oh to hear the tails tell tales
They are the stories of us
Gaudy and precious
Comfortable with character
Create a good story for your closet tonight
Always another chance for
“You won’t believe what happened today….”

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