Boss Trump

What’s the difference between President Donald Trump and prospective purchasers of certain GMC pickup trucks? Not much, it would seem.

Consider the wording of the recent GMC television commercial: “How do you want to live? As a decent person? A fine human being? (…) As a good father, friend, son? Is that it? Good? Of course not.”

Instead, GMC insists, you want to be “all powerful” and “at the top of your game.” You want to be “king of the hill,” or, better yet, a “boss.” After achieving all of that, you will be able to live “like a pro.”

Goodness and decency are insufficient. Boss Trump has shown them to be irrelevant. Boss Trump lies like a Trojan and tweets insults about American heroes like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and those he considers enemies, including people who have more money than he does. As far as good husbands go, Boss Trump doesn’t: Hanging out with an overly bosomed star of dirty movies right after your third wife has given birth is acceptable behavior for Boss Trump.

Further, every so often he indicates his belief that he is above the law. The Department of Justice and the FBI better straighten up and fly right, or wings will be clipped at the neckline.

Boss Trump’s activities should be an affront to all good and decent Americans, e.g. Oklahoma’s congressional delegation of supposed conservatives, who, being conservatives, should condemn those activities without a second thought.

Smells great, boss!

But toadies and lickspittles know their places.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), Rep. Tom Cole (R-CD 4) , Rep. Steve Russell (R-CD 5) et al. would, if Boss Trump were to insert a microphone in his pants and break wind, applaud the wisdom of it and declare fealty to the aroma. After all, they couldn’t blame it on global warming.

Other television commercials remind us that we are entering another nearly never-ending season of political campaigns. Vote for this or that conservative Republican pro-life Christian family man who promises to work with Boss Trump to make Oklahoma great again, either as governor, attorney general, corporation commissioner or whatnot.

Some of these conservative Republican pro-life Christians blame our state Legislature for creating our corrupt “mess,” whatever that is deemed to be. But wait! Aren’t a bunch of our legislators conservative Republican pro-life Christians?

Well, as long as all of them sit quietly and will not raise their voices against Boss Trump’s outrages, they are all hypocrites.

That they remain silent while Boss Trump pals around with Russia, China and North Korea raises questions about what else they are. Best not to be too hard on them, however, because they may be busy shopping for a pickup truck.