Central Oklahoma

Eight of the Legislature’s 21 departing lawmakers come from central Oklahoma districts. Along with Sen. Jack Fry (R-District 42), those vacating the Legislature despite not being term-limited include:

The impending absences have drawn 39 candidates across eight districts, with 20 Republicans, 15 Democrats, one Libertarian and three independents filing. No matter the winner of these eight races, the Oklahoma Legislature will receive a further influx of freshmen lawmakers.

The following overview of central Oklahoma candidates is presented in alphabetical order and derived from publicly available resources. You can find information about other open races here.

House District 27 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. Josh Cockroft
  • ZIP codes represented: 73020, 73026, 73071, 73160, 73165, 74801, 74826, 74840, 74849, 74851, 74852, 74854, 74857, 74873, 74878
  • Counties represented: Cleveland, Pottawatomie

Joseph H. Blanchard (R)

Profession: Title VI and Johnson O’Malley Coordinator for Seminole Public Schools
Platform: Blanchard’s campaign Facebook page contains few policy positions, but he emphasizes his role as a regular person who’s ready to serve in the Legislature.
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Jason Harris (R)

Profession: Educator
Platform: Harris’ website states the role of government is to “regulate as necessary, create the environment for economic success, and maintain a temporary safety net for those in need.” He supports criminal justice reform that would ease the burden on Oklahoma prisons and cites support for adequate access to health care services for all Oklahomans.
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Dave Spaulding (R)

Profession: Operator of a sandblasting company
Platform: Spaulding’s website states he is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and tough on crime. He supports cutting welfare to “encourage work” and would oppose new taxes and regulations.
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Danny J. Sterling (R)

Profession: Educator
Platform: Sterling’s Facebook states he is “pro-life, pro-business, pro-agriculture and pro-Second Amendment” and that, “… he will be our strong, conservative voice at the State Capitol.”
Links: Facebook

The HD 27 Republican primary will be held June 26. There will be a runoff-primary August 28 between the top two vote-getters if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the popular vote.

House District 42 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. Tim Downing
  • ZIP codes represented: 73010, 73052, 73057, 73074, 73075, 73080, 73093, 73095, 73098, 73433, 73434
  • Counties represented: Garvin, McClain

Allie Burgin (R)

Profession: Businessman
Platform: From a Facebook status post, Burgin’s focus at the Capitol would be education, infrastructure and rural development. He supports a restructure of existing budgets and tax policies to ensure more dollars get to the classroom. He also supports an increased fuel tax to repair roads and bridges.
Links: Facebook

Cynthia Roe (R)

Profession: Nurse practitioner
Platform: Roe’s website describes her as a pro-life and pro-Second Amendment conservative Republican. Using her medical experience, she states she would cut waste from programs like Medicaid. She also cites a belief that welfare programs have created a culture of dependence and should be styled as a “temporary hand up.”
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Liz George (D)

Profession: Attorney
Platform: If elected, George’s website identifies the lack of diversity in revenue sources as the core of Oklahoma’s budget problems. As a school board member, she states he has direct experience in budgeting and spending.
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Tara Jo Thompson (D)

Profession: Student
Platform: Thompson supports audits of state agencies to find wasteful spending. She also states she would look for additional ways to ensure education is well funded, such as redirecting money for private and charter schools back to public education.
Links: Facebook

The HD 42 Republican and Democratic primaries will be held June 26. A runoff-primary is not possible.

House District 43 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. John Paul Jordan
  • ZIP codes represented: 73099, 73127
  • Counties represented: Oklahoma City, Yukon

Crystal Duncan (R)

Profession: Educator
Platform: A Facebook post states “nobody supports the life of the unborn more than Crystal Duncan.” She professes support for constitutional carry and states she would “lead with her faith as a guide” in the House.
Links: Facebook

Max Martin (R)

Profession: Veteran
Platform: Martin’s Facebook states that he stands for individual freedom “… to make our own decisions about health care, taxes, education, and self protection.”
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Micheal Oglesby (R)

Profession: Prosecutor
Platform: Oglesby’s Facebook identifies overcrowded prisons, foster care help and public education as his top priorities. He states it’s “time to make uncomfortable changes” to find revenue streams for public education.
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Jay W. Steagall (R)

Profession: Owner and operator of a gun shop and firing range
Platform: Steagall’s website states that Oklahoma has a spending problem, and he would oppose any new taxes. He also claims support for “traditional marriage” as the union between a man and a woman and believes government has the duty to protect the traditional family unit.
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Chantelle Cory (D)

Profession: Computer systems engineer and consultant
Platform: Cory claims support for a return to higher income tax rates on high-income earners as well as an increased gross production tax to stabilize Oklahoma’s revenue stream. If elected, she states she would work to increase funding for education and health programs.
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Jacque Pearsall (D)

Profession: Attorney
Platform: In a Facebook post, Pearsall discusses how the teacher walkout drove her to run for office. She also states, “All individuals depend on public resources like roads, bridges, airports, access to clean water, adequate and safe food, education, healthcare, and employment.”
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The HD 43 Republican and Democratic primaries will be held June 26. A Republican runoff-primary will be held Aug. 28 if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the popular vote. A Democratic runoff-primary is not possible.

House District 45 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. Claudia Griffith
  • ZIP codes represented: 73026, 73069, 73071
  • Counties represented: Cleveland

Merleyn Bell (D)

Profession: Owner and operator of Bell Design LLC, a design and consulting firm
Platform: In a Facebook post, Bell discusses the need to restore education funding to keep quality teachers in Oklahoma.
Links: Facebook

Ken Kerr (D)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Unclear
Links: Kerr appears to lack a readily accessible online presence.

Marc Etters (R)

Profession: Construction business owner
Platform: Etters’ Facebook page from his 2016 campaign to serve HD 45 states he is a pro-Second Amendment candidate, desires a smaller, more efficient government and that children should be taught respect for the American flag and the national anthem.
Links: Facebook

Tom Hackelman (I)

Profession: Realtor
Platform: Hackelman’s website advocates for a cross-state health care program that will allow states to share medical costs with each other. He supports higher teacher pay and school consolidation. He also identifies prison reform by an increase in mental health and treatment programs as one of his priorities.
Links: Website

The HD 45 Democratic primary will be held June 26. A runoff-primary is not possible.

House District 47 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. Leslie Osborn
  • ZIP codes represented: 73036, 73064, 73089, 73099, 73128, 73179
  • Counties represented: Canadian, Grady

Beverly Adams (R)

Profession: Businesswoman
Platform: Adams’ website advocates for the return of earned income tax credits. She supports increased education and transportation funding.
Links: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Brian Hill (R)

Profession: Businessman, ordained minister
Platform: Hill’s website advocates for adoption reform that makes it easier for parents to adopt a child. As a small-business owner, he has “felt the pain of government regulation” and would bring more businesses to the state to balance the budget.
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Ramona Riley (R)

Profession: Commercial escrow officer
Platform: Riley’s Facebook page states a commitment to the Biblical definition of marriage. She believes health care should be unsubsidized and unregulated, and she would support “any legislation that increases a parent’s right to choose whether or not they vaccinate their babies, children or teens.”
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Lindsey Strader (R)

Profession: Educator
Platform: Strader’s online campaign resources contain few policy stances, but she describes herself as a “republican who believes everyone matters.”
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O.A. Cargill (D)

Profession: Former lieutenant at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office
Platform: From a “YesOn788” survey, Cargill supports medicinal marijuana as well as the right to home grow. He has few policy positions available online, but his website emphasizes trust, transparency and truth.
Links: Website

Sarah Carnes (D)

Profession: Educator
Platform: Carnes’ website identifies funding as the biggest issue facing the Oklahoma Legislature next session. If elected, she would fight to end tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Oklahomans, and she would restore cuts on state agencies from the past eight years.
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Jacob Wilson (D)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: In his Facebook bio, Wilson describes himself as an “education first” candidate and states that nothing is more important to Oklahoma. He supports reforms that would reduce Oklahoma’s prison population.
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The HD 47 Republican and Democratic primaries will be held June 26. A runoff-primary between the top two vote-getters will be held August 28 if no candidate receives 50 percent of the popular vote.

House District 95 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. Roger Ford
  • ZIP codes represented: 73110, 73130, 73135, 73145, 73150
  • Counties represented: Oklahoma

Jack Beall Jr. (R)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Unclear
Links: Beall appears to lack a readily accessible online presence.

Kelly Albright (D)

Profession: Educator
Platform: From a Facebook post, Albright states she would “… advocate for fully funding public education, [enact] sensible solutions to our criminal justice system, [invest] in high-quality jobs, and [protect] the rights of our veterans and service members.”
Links: WebsiteFacebook

Anthony Vandyousefi (D)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Vandyousefi claims support for increased education funding and an increased presence of technology in Oklahoma classrooms. He also cites belief in keeping Oklahoma’s infrastructure current to deal with population increases as well as efforts to create new jobs and lower the unemployment rate.
Links: Facebook

David AZ Williams (D)

Profession: Social worker/attorney
Platform: From his website, Williams states support for quality public education, “programs that keep kids safe and healthy” and reforms that aid veterans.
Links: WebsiteFacebook

Paul Brewbaker (L)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Unclear
Links: Brewbaker appears to lack a readily accessible online presence.

Rashard D. Bickham (I)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Unclear
Links: Bickham appears to lack a readily accessible online presence.

The HD 95 Democratic primary will be held June 26. A Democratic runoff-primary between the top two vote-getters will be held Aug. 28 if no candidate receives 50 percent of the popular vote.

House District 100 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Rep. Elise Hall
  • ZIP codes represented: 73008, 73122, 73132, 73162
  • Counties represented: Bethany, Oklahoma City, Warr Acres

Paul Abner (R)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Unclear
Links: Abner appears to lack a readily accessible online presence.

Julie Roach (R)

Profession: Educator
Platform: Roach’s website identifies a need for increased education funding. She states she supports audits and more sustainable revenue streams to balance Oklahoma’s budget. She also cites a need for increased transparency in government.
Links: WebsiteFacebook

Marilyn M. Stark (R)

Profession: Executive director of Love Link Ministries Inc.
Platform: Stark’s Facebook page describes her as a pro-life Christian Republican. She addresses mental health and addiction-rehabilitation reform and states she understands the need for “multiple revenue streams, cutting costs, and balanced budgets.”
Links: WebsiteFacebook

Zach Pearson (D)

Profession: Works in the banking industry
Platform: Facebook post states that Pearson supports ending mandatory-minimum sentencing and that he would fight for adequate education funding to keep kids from the “school-to-prison pipeline.”
Links: WebsiteFacebook

Donald Wentroth (D)

Profession: Educator
Platform: Wentroth’s website addresses Oklahoma’s lack of mental health resources and cites poor support of teachers as key issues. His website states he has a plan to raise revenue without raising taxes, adding, “I’ll be speaking about these things in the future.”
Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

The HD 100 Republican and Democratic primaries will be held June 26. A Republican runoff-primary between the top two vote-getters will be held Aug. 28 if no candidate receives 50 percent of the popular vote. A Democrat runoff-primary is not possible.

Senate District 42 at a glance

  • Outgoing office holder: Sen. Jack Fry
  • ZIP codes represented: 73020, 73110, 73115, 73117, 73130, 73135, 73145, and 73150
  • Counties represented: Oklahoma

Brenda Stanley (R)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Stanley’s website only contains a portal for web donations.
Links: Website

Linda Wade (D)

Profession: Information systems engineer
Platform: On Facebook, Wade states she fully supports a $15 minimum wage. She also advocates for Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma and states she would support legislation that reduces the poverty rate.
Links: WebsiteFacebook | CrowdPac

Matt Campbell (I)

Profession: Unclear
Platform: Unclear
Links: Campbell appears to lack a readily accessible online presence.

There will be no primary for SD 42.