OK Policy
By attending OK Policy's 10-year-celebration gala Thursday, Sept. 13, you will help ensure Oklahomans have access to quality, informative data and research about public policy. (OK Policy)

The past decade of Oklahoma politics has featured a lot of changes, but one thing lawmakers, media and voters have more of than ever before is access to quality, nonpartisan data.

Thanks largely to the Oklahoma Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank, this state has had an incubator for responsible public policy since 2008.

Now, executive director David Blatt, the OK Policy board and its passionate base of supporters want you to consider making a $100 donation — $10 for each year of existence, perhaps? — to ensure Oklahomans keep receiving responsible information about public policy decisions for the next decade.

In making that donation, you will receive a ticket to OK Policy’s 10th anniversary gala dinner, Thursday, Sept. 13, at the Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market, 311 S. Klein Ave.


OK Policy’s 10-year anniversary gala

Thursday, Sept. 13
6 p.m. reception; 6:45 dinner and ceremony

OKC Public Farmers’ Market, 311 S. Klein Ave.

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Buy your tickets by Sept. 7 and enjoy a keynote speech from Ian Frazier, longtime New Yorker contributor and humorist.

Frazier is the only writer to have twice been awarded the Thurber Prize for American Humor, first in 1997 for his collection of humor essays Coyote vs. Acme, and again in 2009 for Lamentations for the Father.

“In our short history, OK Policy has already changed the course of the state in ways that benefit all Oklahomans thanks to our talented staff, dedicated Board of Directors, and committed donors,” Blatt said of his organization’s first decade. “Policymakers, community leaders, advocates, and citizens know to turn to OK Policy for the information they need to engage in well-informed debates and to make thoughtful decisions.”

Garrett, Steele to be recognized

In addition to supporting OK Policy, attendees of the Sept. 13 gala will encounter dynamic former elected officials, two of whom will receive OK Policy’s Good Sense/Good Cents award, which recognizes a lifetime of civic engagement.

This year, the award will be given both to former Republican Speaker of the House Kris Steele and former Democratic State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sandy Garrett.

Numbers about OK Policy’s numbers

If you need further evidence of how OK Policy has been providing Oklahomans better information, consider these numbers over the past decade:

  • 7,792 posts on as of Aug. 16
  • 232,142 unique visits to OK Policy’s 2016 State Questions page
  • 31,746 combined Facebook and Twitter followers as of Aug. 16
  • 1,200 percent growth in full-time staff since January 2011

During the past 10 years, OK Policy has become an essential source of trusted information on Oklahoma’s most contentious policy debates, from attempts to abolish the state income tax to the teacher walkout.

Now, as OK Policy enters its second decade, the organization is launching major new projects — including Open Justice Oklahoma, KIDS COUNT and the Oklahoma Mental Health Policy Fellowship — as well as expanding its Together Oklahoma coalition with chapters of grassroots advocates all over the state.

“We’ve helped change the debate in Oklahoma as a new, fairly small organization,” Blatt said. “With growing support from Oklahomans and a growing staff of talented policy experts and advocates, we’re poised to do even more in the years ahead.”

To help support OK Policy’s next 10 years, buy your gala ticket today.