Norman Pride Festival
Fulcrum Hormone and Wellness Center marchers pass. (Doug Hill)

Although Norman has long been considered the San Francisco of Oklahoma, it would not be until Aug. 26 that the city would host its first-ever Norman Pride Festival and parade. A couple of days’ worth of outdoor festivals with food trucks, vendors and organizations friendly to the event preceded the parade itself.

Dozens of area organizations and businesses marched in the parade, including houses of worship representing a variety of faiths. Although Norman Police Department had prepared for the possibility of hostile protests against the parade, none appeared to be present. Several (mostly Democratic) politicians were among the marchers, who also included school children, OU club bicyclists, people leading dogs, vintage automobile drivers, veterans and drag queens.

The Pride board of directors included Andrew Coulter, Michelle Wood, Amanda Meron, K.C. Fox, Daryl Callaway, Jamie Bray, Stacy Fox and Kira Kendrick. Norman City Councilperson Breea Clark helped plan the parade and served as Grand Marshall along with sibling Amanda Revels.