As the 2019 Oklahoma legislative session draws to a close, there is a bill being aggressively pushed through the Oklahoma Legislature that could drive up your family’s health care costs.

That bill is HB 2632, and it reduces the pressure on big drug companies to negotiate fairer prices. It also increases the likelihood they will charge Oklahomans even more for medications.

The Trump Administration says this kind of proposal could raise families’ health care costs by hundreds of dollars a year. It’s been called a “job killer” by the State Chamber of Oklahoma. The state Legislature’s own staff even admitted it is “the opposite of free market.”

Oklahoma families and businesses spend enough on their health care costs already. None of us have hundreds of dollars more to spend at the pharmacy counter because of new health care mandates pushed through near the end of session. The last thing we need in our state is a law that will raise health care costs in Oklahoma.

Although there has been a call by Gov. Kevin Stitt for a compromise, the state Legislature has not heard it. They are still working to advance HB 2632, pushing new mandates and costs on hard-working Oklahomans across our state.

Health care costs Oklahomans enough already. Regulations like HB 2632 that insert government into health care will only result in more problems. Please tell your state senator to reject higher costs in health care and to vote “No” on HB 2632. You can call their offices at (405) 524-0126 or email them from this list. If you need assistance locating your senator, you can fill in your voter registration address here and be connected with your lawmakers.

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