OU Board of Regents
(Mike Allen)

From what I understand, the OU Board of Regents apparently likes a bit of privacy for its meetings, if it can be found on the third floor of the College of Architecture building.

So what better place than a giant housing and retail center — right on campus — that currently sits largely empty? A regents meeting within Cross Village could even offer some fun irony: potentially pondering decisions on how to iron out the reputational problems of the very building regents would be in.

With all seriousness, the OU Board of Regents is set to hold a series of meetings Monday, starting with an 8:30 a.m. breakfast in a classroom of the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art in Norman.

The board — which governs OU, OUHSC, OU Tulsa, Cameron University and Rogers State University — has posted agendas for eight special and committee meetings as well as its 4 p.m. omnibus board meeting. A full schedule for the day’s meetings can be found here, and the museum should provide a classy backdrop for Monday’s affairs.

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