Oklahoma counties
The sun shines on the Cleveland County Courthouse on Monday. Jan. 20, 2020. (Archiebald Browne)

At NonDoc, we always want our audience to have answers to their questions. However, we are not always able to answer everyone’s questions at once.

To help us meet that goal, we have created three new county resource pages with information that any resident of central Oklahoma may want to know. On these three pages (linked below), you can find information about your county officials, the budgets and departments they oversee, county land ownership and how to file an open records request for related information.

These new pages are similar to our existing Oklahoma public resources page. While you should bookmark the state page as a great source of Oklahoma information, we wanted to create similar pages for some of the state’s largest counties, including Oklahoma, Cleveland and Canadian. (Don’t worry, Tulsa County. We are working on one for you, too.)


public resources

Research like a journalist with our public resources page by Ben White

In creating these information pages for Oklahoma counties, we included resources for the larger municipalities within them. Those links refer to city councils, city codes (local laws) and city police departments.

With these county resource pages, we hope it becomes easier for you to find the answers you are looking for. Please let us know if we missed anything particularly relevant to you and your community, as we will always be open to suggestions. Consider bookmarking any of these pages today and sharing them with others in your local community:

More information about Oklahoma counties

For more information about the laws governing Oklahoma counties, look through Article 17 of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 19 of state statutes. Oklahoma has 77 counties, which can be found listed by population estimates here. Demographic and population data about Oklahoma counties can be found on