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NonDoc team members show off their Christmas sweaters and smiles during a Zoom meeting in November 2020. (NonDoc)

As a new nonprofit in 2020 that is committed to free, easily accessible and responsible journalism, we counted on our faithful readers this year, and you all showed up!

End-of-year donations are hugely appreciated and will allow us to keep growing our mission of providing local, independent journalism and resources for all Oklahomans. Click here to make a contribution to the Sustainable Journalism Foundation, also known as NonDoc Media.

You are the reason for our season

We already knew that our readers are intelligent, curious and hungry for information. That’s why we made the move to a 501(c)3. Our goal was to better serve you by giving you more of what you want and less of what you don’t. But after the (ahem) experience of 2020, it is clear to us that you are also supportive and appreciative of our work and efforts to serve the community.

Community journalism and reliable news should be available to anyone at no cost. Information lifts us up. However, the cost to create something that is offered for free can sometimes be quite, well, costly. So, dear reader, we came to you several times this year, asking for help in sustaining our mission, and every time we were humbled by your support.

We cannot say thank you enough


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We have amazing sponsors that allowed us to continue this year as normally as possible and that also helped us grow in other areas.

We have dedicated donors, without whom we’d be lost. Whether you made a one-time donation to NonDoc this year or created and maintained a monthly donation, we want to touch elbows with you right now. We also know that some readers had to forgo their monthly donation this tough year, and we love, respect and get you too!

We try to personally thank our sponsors and donors by reading their names on episode of our new podcast. But we can’t get enough of saying, “Thank you!” So from the bottom of our little hearts, thank you one and all!

This year wasn’t all bad!

Thanks to donors and sponsors, we were able to do a few things, such as:

We’ve got a few things up our sleeve for next year, too, but we once again will need your support. You are our reason and our mission. Your support allows us to give back and serve you. There is still time to donate to NonDoc and there will be oodles of opportunities to do it all again next year!

So please keep reading, and invite a friend to read with you. Here’s to 2021! We can’t wait to share whatever the coming year is about. As long as it’s with you, we’ll be right here focused on journalism.