Edmond Ward 3
Sheryl Janis, Cody Boyd and Christin Mugg are running for the Edmond City Council's Ward 3 seat in 2021. (NonDoc)

The longest-serving member on Edmond’s City Council, Darrell Davis, is running for mayor, leaving the Ward 3 seat he has occupied since 2011 up for grabs.

Three candidates are running to represent the district, which covers the southwestern corner of Edmond.

Edmond has an unusual electoral process for its city council. Elections are nonpartisan, and if more than two candidates are registered, they first compete in a primary election — this year scheduled for Feb. 9. Only residents of the ward may vote in the primary.

Afterward, the two candidates who win the most votes proceed to the general election, which will take place on April 6. Residents of anywhere in the city can vote for candidates in the general election, regardless of which ward they live in.

Below are details on the people running in this year’s Edmond City Council Ward 3 race. The information was gathered from publicly available sources, and the candidates are presented in alphabetical order. A video of a forum hosted by Edmond Summit Rotary and Edmond Active with the candidates in this race and in Edmond Ward 4 is also available on Facebook.

The city of Edmond, Oklahoma, features four City Council districts. (


Cody Boyd

Cody Boyd

Age: 34

Profession/background: Boyd grew up in Chandler and has lived in Edmond with his wife, Alex, since 2013. He studied marketing and international business at OSU as an undergraduate and later earned a master’s degree in public administration at OU.

Boyd has been the public information officer for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation since 2012, according to his LinkedIn page. Before taking that job, he had a short stint at Chesapeake Energy, but he spent the early years of his career in politics. An intern for former Oklahoma House Minority Leader Rep. Danny Morgan, Boyd also worked as a legislative assistant for legislators of both parties, including former Rep. Ed Cannaday, former Rep. Steve Vaughan, Rep. Dustin Roberts (R-Durant) and Rep. Ken Luttrell (R-Ponca City). He was also the campaign manager for Randy Rose, a retired firefighter who ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for Senate District 44 in 2010.

According to Boyd’s campaign website, he is involved in a number of community organizations, including The Springs Church of Christ, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Edmond Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the Edmond Public Transportation Committee.

Platform: Boyd’s campaign website lists five top priorities: open communication and constituent services, improving Edmond’s transportation infrastructure, economic development and supporting public education and health care access.

On his campaign Facebook page, he recently posted a list of 50 ideas to improve Edmond. They range widely, from making the mayor a full-time city employee to extending bus lines to instituting an annual art contest for local students to promote good stormwater management practices.

Transportation issues figure heavily in Boyd’s campaign. He held a lengthy Facebook Live discussion on the topic in January. “Life must revolve around people, neighborhoods, and commerce, just not cars,” he wrote in another recent Facebook post.

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Sheryl Janis

Sheryl Janis

Age: 53

Profession/background: Janis is a lifelong Edmond resident. Growing up, she attended Ida Freeman and Clegern Elementary, Sequoyah Middle School, and Edmond Memorial. She went to college at UCO, where she majored in sociology, according to her LinkedIn page.

In 1997, Janis and her husband started Autoworks, a mechanic service specializing in Japanese cars. She also works as a brand ambassador for Kannaway, a multi-level-marketing company that sells medical-marijuana products.

Janis is a member of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce and a graduate of the chamber’s Leadership Edmond program. The Edmond Historical Society Museum lists her on its board of directors.

Platform: Janis’ campaign website lists her top issues as promoting local businesses, supporting Edmond’s police and fire services, opposing government overreach and improving the city’s public recreation areas. She also promises to “be a voice for all Edmond residents,” to maintain “conservative values and high moral standards” and to “push for low tax rates and encourage efficient spending.”

Janis has been endorsed by the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association and by Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights, which advocates for parental choice regarding children’s health care, including vaccines. She has posted on Facebook about her support for Senate District 22 candidate Jake Merrick, who has written about his belief that COVID-19 was created to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

Janis has also posted about her opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns, writing, “I would never ever vote to lockdown our business! Never! Ever!!”

She expressed a similar sentiment on a message board in April, 2020.

“If it makes you feel better to stay away from people then by all means, stay away from people,” she wrote. “Let the rest of us keep the economy going so we don’t all end up homeless and living in a shelter or worse because someone has to make money to pay taxes so the rest of the people can live off the governments checks.”

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Christin Mugg

Christin Mugg

Age: 52

Profession/background: Mugg grew up in Oklahoma City and went to college at OU, where she majored in letters and went on to earn an MBA. She later attended Oklahoma City University School of Law, where she graduated first in her class, according to her campaign website.

Mugg moved to Edmond in 1998 and opened her own law firm in the city in 2005. Her firm, Mugg Winston, specializes in estate planning, tax law and charitable planning.

Mugg attends the First Christian Church of Edmond and is listed as a board member of the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation.

Platform: The platform outlined on Mugg’s campaign website focuses on development and infrastructure issues. The site lists four top areas of concern. These include expanding Edmond’s infrastructure, supporting development that protects existing neighborhoods, promoting the responsible development of downtown Edmond and improving local parks and recreation spaces, including in the Arcadia Lake area.

A campaign Facebook post says she is also committed to maintaining open communication with constituents and “making informed, researched, and unbiased decisions in the best overall interest of Edmond.”

Former Edmond mayors Saundra Naifeh and Randel Shadid participated in Mugg’s campaign launch event, at which she said she believes it’s important to not be a one-issue candidate and that, as a lawyer, she is accustomed to taking all sides of an issue into account.

She told The Edmond Way that she does not believe mask mandates to slow the spread of COVID-19 are an example of government overreach.

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