Frizzy the three-legged cat tries to pull a window open in a desperate effort to hunt vols. (NonDoc)

The consensus in our News Dungeon this past week was that we are all pretty tired of viruses and legislative battles and basically all the things we have to think about as we cover the news every day.

So that’s how we decided to make this week’s podcast about the least stressful topic we could think of: our pets. So tune in for an admittedly rambling conversation about the three-legged cat (Frizzy), the mystery fox dog (Penny) and the cat-loving parasite that has taken over Tres’ brain. And for our more scientifically minded listeners, we have included several sidetracks into information about adorable animals’ reproductive organs.

You should also consider this podcast episode a gentle nudge to consider adopting a pet of your own. Shelters in the Oklahoma City area are experiencing overcrowding, and all animals — even the ones with penile dysfunctions — deserve love.

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The topics at hand: Pets, pets, pets, pets!

Chip and Penny pose for the camera in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Andrea DenHoed)

As you listen to Episode 11 of Live From the News Dungeon, you might find the following links useful to reference:

  • Our (frankly inspired) roundup of Oklahoma politicians as WWE wrestlers;
  • Everything you wanted to know about Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite that makes mice — and Tres — love cats;
  • An overview of wild and wonderful terrifying bacula (plus pictures);
  • An article on the genetic history of Chihuahuas;
  • Adoption information from the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, where your new best friend is waiting to meet you.

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Andrea DenHoed is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and was formerly the web copy chief at The New Yorker magazine. She became NonDoc's managing editor in March 2020 and transitioned to a part-time role as features editor at the end of 2022. She departed NonDoc in 2023 to pursue an educational opportunity.