tired of summer
(Mike Allen)

It’s hot, and I hate it. I feel like I’ve written about this every year, but I don’t think I’ve ever specifically mentioned that summer is my least favorite season.

Between the sweltering heat, the dry grass and leaves blowing around, and the swarms of insects, I am tired of summer. It is simply an awful stretch of time that officially runs through Sept. 22. As I type this, it sounds like there are roughly 200 cicadas droning on just outside my window. It’s maddening, but at least this weekend’s “cold front” should keep temperatures only in the low 90s.

If you are not tired of summer (somehow) and actually enjoy this time of year for some reason, I’m happy for you. However, there must be something fundamental that separates us. It isn’t a dealbreaker — we can still be friends — but I would say we are in different places mentally. Right now, the only thought going through my mind is a yearning for the end of this month and cooler weather.

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