(Mike Allen)

A new season of NBA basketball is almost upon us, and with it, some drastic changes are coming to the newly named Paycom Center.

You may be thinking of additional amenities or food items, which are on the way eventually. But for now, it has been revealed via Twitter that the OKC arena will no longer be accepting cash as a form of payment. Welcome to the future, I guess.

As a person who has rarely used cash to pay for anything in the past 20 years, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but one look at this announcement on social media shows that some people are not happy about this. (Yes, unhappy people on social media, who knew?)

Beyond some folks being mildly inconvenienced, a great deal has been written in recent years about how cashless societies hurt the most vulnerable, and several people let the Paycom Center’s Twitter handle know about it. The @PaycomCenter responded by saying its box office will sell pre-paid Visa gift cards, although they did not respond to a question about how much will be charged to fill those cards.

Perhaps the operators of a basketball and concert arena don’t feel like the venue typically serves poorer families, a problem in and of itself when you remember that the OKC arena is owned by the city and has been financed by public money. The public even pays $5,000 per game for Thunder fan parking.

As for the reasoning behind this decision to go cashless in the Paycom Center? That has yet to be explained. Security concerns and germs seem like prime motivations here, but there are likely several reasons. I’m just waiting on the eventual proprietary payment method of “Muscala Coin” — the only crypto currency you’ll ever need.

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