Sunday, October 20, 2019


civil asset forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture laws already face court challenges

While advocacy groups, district attorneys and state legislators wrangle over "civil asset forfeiture" rules and regulations in Oklahoma, the issue may ultimately be decided...
dumpster diving

Dumpster diving not just for journalists anymore

Careful what you throw in your trash. It’s not just journalists, private investigators or Slippin’ Jimmy McGill digging through dumpsters these days. ProPublica senior reporter...
brogdon for district 34

Analyze the ‘who’ in presidential polls

When any tweet linking a story scrolls across my screen with words like "Trump" "Sanders" or "anchor baby," the political junkie in me can't...
open records

Delays with open records concern journalists

Two veteran journalists aired concerns Monday on Twitter about the speed with which the Oklahoma Attorney General's office is completing open records requests. "I could...

Eat, Pray, LoveOKC: Event provides free goods, services

Ken Sellers, 29, babysits a wagonful of groceries and other free items while his son, Mason, tumbles through a balloon obstacle course. He picks...
number sense

‘Number sense’ needed in math education

It used to be almost cliché that when I met people, at a party or on an airplane, and told them I was a...

If Trump wins, conventional wisdom loses, again

Time and again, conventional wisdom is wrong in every arena where we keep score: politics, business, sports and finance. A cadre of strategists and journalists...
platform for collaboration

Letter from the Publisher: ‘A platform for collaboration’

I am a fan of new media who is intrigued by stories seldom told in our community and world. From that, I derive my passion and...
brogdon for district 34

Speculation centers on Brogdon for District 34

Online journalism is a fast game. Like jai alai, it takes heightened awareness. Locally. Politically. It also demands strict deadlines. To those ends, I found today's...
Kris Steele

Q&A: Kris Steele — ‘Everyone deserves a second chance’

Kris Steele is the executive director of The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM) in Oklahoma City. He earned a bachelor's degree in religion from...

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