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OSU football v. cupcakes: ‘These games need to stop’

Missouri State, Grambling State, Savannah State, Lamar, Missouri State, Central Arkansas. What do all those schools have in common? They are all FCS (formally Division...
Bob Funk Jr

Q&A: Bob Funk Jr. — ‘Soccer can unify a community ‘

Bob Funk Jr. is perhaps best known as the owner of Oklahoma City's Energy FC. Before that, Funk Jr. was the owner of another...
OKC Energy

OKC Energy bound for playoffs in second season

When I was 7 years old, my parents took me, my older brother, and likely a neighborhood kid or two, to the Will Rogers...

Wrestlers to trade BLOWs this weekend

The Farmer's Public Market is "blowing" up this weekend, with Balthazar’s Ladies and Lords of Wrestling (BLOW) unleashing its season-opening title belt at 4 p.m....
OU football

OU football promo puts worst foot forward

I was born into an OU family. My soul is steeped in Crimson and Cream. Once, I taught a class of oblivious South Carolinian...

Sooners homer wearing Eagles green on Sundays

In the interest of full disclosure, let me just say I’m a lifelong Sooner fan. I’m a homer. I wear crimson-colored contacts in case...

SmartFootball: Only criticize if you can find the ‘Mike’

I don’t like having to claim I know more about sports than people think I do, but I do. Sorry. I know I look like...
Boomers and Sooners

Better to be Okies than Boomers and Sooners

The term “Okie” is the presumed pejorative with which Oklahomans have been coping in one way or another since 1939 when John Steinbeck publicized...
comanche boy

Plenty of fight left in Comanche Boy

George Tahdooahnippah loves boxing. He loves stepping into the ring, staring down other fighters before the bell, gauging distances with his punches and finding...

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