NonDoc advertising helps journalism

NonDoc advertising helps journalism

NonDoc advertising

NonDoc’s efforts are funded through advertising by businesses and organizations who share a belief in the power of quality content and responsible reporting.

All advertisers agree to support the spirit and ethics of independent journalism, and NonDoc strives to be transparent regarding who our financial supporters are.

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Funded Content as advertising

As part of our advertising, NonDoc works with companies who want to align their marketing strategies with our brand.


healthy restaurant in OKC

Q&A: OKC healthy restaurant owner says ‘eat real food’ by NonDoc Staff

In features that we label as “Funded Content,” our goal is to help companies or organizations tell their own stories — or that of their product — in a creative way that engages readers even when they know the post is Funded Content.

A banner and other designations note advertising content as “funded,” but that content is still based in fact and tailored in a way to appeal to readers. Funded Content is provided for one-time fees or in conjunction with advertising contracts, and it remains live online in perpetuity.

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If you have inquiries about joining our current roster of NonDoc advertisers, please direct them to and we will get back with you promptly.

To reach us outside of e-mail, please call the Google Voice number we have created: 570-6-FILTER.

Our current advertisers

If you appreciate NonDoc, please appreciate our current advertisers as well. In no particular order, they are:

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Designs in Dentistry — Dr. Barry Amos


Don’t forget about the Writers’ Fund

NonDoc also allows for individuals to help sponsor traditional reporting and journalism on our site. Through the Writers’ Fund, supporters can pitch in to allow for freelance stories by trained journalists.

Even $5 per month can be an enormous and generous help. Our goal is to grow the Writers’ Fund in a manner that sustains regular, important reporting in all of the different communities we cover.

Your support makes a difference.