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NonDoc’s efforts are funded through advertising by businesses and organizations who share a belief in the power of quality content and responsible reporting.

All advertisers agree to support the spirit and ethics of independent journalism, and NonDoc strives to be transparent regarding who our financial supporters are.

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Digital banner ads

NonDoc offers several placement options for high-resolution digital banner ads. We have a rotating system that can place multiple messages in a single spot, or claim 100 percent of a given placement by purchasing all available spots. Pricing starts as low as $150 for 10 percent of our header-banner placements.

360-degree imaging

Through the use of a cutting-edge camera, NonDoc has the capability to provide your business with 360-degree images. Clients can use these images to offer their target market a “virtual tour” of a space, such as a property for sale or new restaurant. Further, Facebook can handle these files natively, so sharing on social media is a snap.

Email advertising

With over 5,800 subscribers and an open rate above the industry average, NonDoc’s weekly email newsletter is a powerful marketing tool for companies and organizations seeking to pinpoint a target demographic. We offer banner placements at the top of the email to run for as long as clients specify.

Funded Content as advertising

As part of our advertising, NonDoc works with companies who want to align their marketing strategies with our brand.

In features that we label as “Funded Content,” our goal is to help companies or organizations tell their own stories — or that of their product — in a creative way that engages readers even when they know the post is Funded Content.

A banner and other designations note advertising content as “funded,” but that content is still based in fact and tailored in a way to appeal to readers. Funded Content is provided for one-time fees or in conjunction with advertising contracts, and it remains live online in perpetuity.

Funded Content Examples

unconstitutional jail system

Gov. Fallin protects unconstitutional DOC practice with SB 1442 veto

Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed SB 1442 on Tuesday, killing a reform that would have fixed problematic behavior within the Oklahoma Department of Corrections that Attorney...

Opportunity Scholarship Fund has helped 1,800 students

Most everyone agrees every student deserves the very best opportunity to learn, but the battle over public education funding in Oklahoma hides an important...

Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association provides NARCAN to help save lives

You don't have to be addicted to any form of opioid or know someone who is to be affected by opioid overdose. It can...

Keep It Local: Helping people discover the best local businesses

Do you enjoy finding new and interesting restaurants? What about personalized shopping experiences? You probably also like knowing the money you spend contributes to...

Community invited to Rose State College panel series

Does income inequality translate into economic inequality? What caused the massive increase in the wealth of the average person since 1800, and what do...
Home Creations

Celebrate the holidays with the 12 Homes of Christmas

Buying a home can be a stressful undertaking, whether looking at move-in ready homes or looking to build a new home by browsing floor...

Help OK Foster Wishes find a fire-breathing dragon

Featured in the video above, Archer Gillett is a 4-year-old girl living with her adoptive family in Newcastle, Oklahoma. For many foster families like...
BourBUN fundraiser

BourBUN fundraiser to emphasize power of the people

(Editor's note: The following was written by Andy Moore, executive director of the nonprofit, nonpartisan civic-action group Let’s Fix This. His commentary appears courtesy...

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