Monday, May 22, 2017

Editorial: Oklahomans lose if lawmakers won’t compromise

Oklahoma politicians from both parties have made a mess of state finances for the past decade. Republican and Democrat lawmakers have cut taxes, protected special...
GOP leaders

Letter: ‘Old Republican’ slams state’s GOP leaders

(Correction: This letter was updated at 11:10 a.m. Monday, May 22, to clarify that the requirement of a supermajority legislative vote for tax increases...



Forrest Bennettvideo

VIDEO: Rep. Forrest Bennett, demonstrator debate GPT

The halls of Oklahoma's Capitol were flooded Thursday with demonstrators from either side of the raging debate surrounding the gross production tax of oil...
Zack Taylor

New Rep. Zack Taylor put in tough spot: ‘Hard choices to make’

When Rep. Zack Taylor was knocking doors for a special House District 28 election in Seminole County, he knew there was a chance of being...
Shelby verdict

After Shelby verdict, Tulsa lawmakers call for improved training

Hours after a jury delivered Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby a not-guilty verdict on a manslaughter charge, Rep. Monroe Nichols stood outside a Tulsa Regional...


Seventh Day Rebellion

Seventh Day Rebellion: Song swap ‘a refuge for artists’ at JJ’s Alley

Every Sunday, Oklahoma singer-songwriters take the stage to perform original work in a cozy narrow bar tucked inside a Bricktown alley. The hole in the...

Sundaze: Sleep can be a dangerous activity

Along the journey through my early 30s, I've discovered a dangerous activity in which participation is not entirely voluntary. It's a subtle activity with little...

In Africa, children largely conform to parents’ religion

Ile-Ife, NIGERIA — It was the hour of prayer. I saw Muslim brothers and sisters rush for prayers. The males filed into the mosque after the...


Kevin Durant, Warriors have hurt feelings

Tiny violin: Kevin Durant, Warriors have hurt feelings

When Kevin Durant made his first visit back to Oklahoma City as a member of the Golden State Warriors on Feb. 11, some people...
Mammal Madness

March Mammal Madness: The cure for b-ball boredom

Because I'm not really into watching sports, it's easy for me to feel left out each year when March Madness rolls around. Everyone starts filling...
Flat Earth Kyrie Irving

For Kyrie Irving, ball may be life, but Earth is flat

I'm revisiting the topic of Flat Earth this week because, lo and behold, it has popped up again in a very visible way. I...

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