Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Take 2 Cafévideo

Take 2 Café offers second chances for convicted women

TULSA, Oklahoma — When Ashley Billings was using drugs, which she did for nearly half her life, she was always making promises to her...
justice system reforms

Justice system reforms reduce incarceration numbers <1%

(Editor’s note: This story was authored by Ben Botkin of Oklahoma Watch and appears here in accordance with the non-profit journalism organization’s republishing terms.) The number of people...


OEA poll

OEA poll: Voters list #oklaed funding as top priority

Voters are fed up. As lawmakers approach the beginning of the legislative session, they should be troubled by the results of a statewide poll released...
tracking of lawmakers

Tracking of lawmakers: ‘The purpose is intimidation’

Politics may be a dirty business, but threats to Oklahoma legislators over the past 12 months have some public officials saying lines have been...
Mark McBride

OSBI investigating tracking device on Rep. Mark McBride’s truck

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has opened an inquiry into alleged stalking of Rep. Mark McBride (R-Moore) that could be turned over to the...



CreativeMornings offers free inspirational talks (and breakfast)

Today’s Brooklyn has become an “intoxicating blend of energy, international dynamism, influence and street culture,” so it’s no surprise that it was the place...
Tide Pod Challenge

Tide Pod Challenge makes chores trendy, poisonous

You know, I didn't like having to do chores when I was young, but I never really considered turning them into a dangerous game....
State Question 788

State Question 788: Your prescription for ‘Fourthmeal’

Low-hanging fruit perhaps? (Low-hanging leaf?) Just be glad I didn't make a "Doobie Howser, M.D." joke in this comic. I still may, however, as...



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