Sunday, February 25, 2018
OKC hamburgers

Pumping iron by ranking OKC hamburgers

There's a political joke in here, but forget about all that and let's talk about OKC hamburgers. I made a New Year's resolution to exercise...
Shady Kevin Stitt

Richardson attacks ‘Shady’ Kevin Stitt, ‘Mary’s Little Lamb’

There's an old joke in political campaigns. A candidate has only two reasons to go negative: when he's behind and when he's ahead. Polling indicates...


NRA campaign funding

NRA campaign funding only a trickle in Oklahoma

(Editor’s note: This story was authored by Ben Botkin of Oklahoma Watch and appears here in accordance with the non-profit journalism organization’s republishing terms.) The...
Florida school shooting

Florida school shooting: Make compassion our first response

Saturday morning I woke up and knew two things for sure: I felt angry, and I felt powerless. On Valentine’s Day, three days prior,...
revenue hole

Revenue hole: ‘It’s not as big as what we anticipated’

Gov. Mary Fallin expects to sign the Legislature's bill cutting state agencies for the end of Fiscal Year 2018, and she and the Oklahoma...


Gold Dome

OKC’s Gold Dome deserves a success story

I just want to take a moment to talk about how much I like the gold dome building on Northwest 23rd Street. What was once...
breath vs bullets

Breath vs Bullets: A poem for America

Breath vs Bullets by James Coburn Children breathe against a gunman their only defense. We breathe facing weapons — free to exhale smoke from pierced lungs. A gun is free to...
curling Olympics

Winter Olympics: The case for shuffleboard over curling

Two days ago, I realized I know almost nothing about winter sports and, by extension, the Winter Olympics. Skiing and ice skating are fairly...



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