Monday, September 25, 2017
cigarette tax

McCall: Cigarette tax ‘first priority,’ GPT not focus right now

After Oklahoma's 56th Legislature gaveled in this afternoon for the state's first special session since 2013, House of Representatives leadership said passage of the...
peaceful protestvideo

Editorial: American flag represents right to peaceful protest

"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America." Former President Bill Clinton's most infamous line from his...


Great Debates

Great Debates: Rose State to begin panel series Tuesday

Has free speech become a danger to, rather than a cornerstone of, democratic society? Should science dictate public policy? What can be done to make...
Addicted to Reform

Book review: ‘Addicted to Reform’ explains teacher shortages

It couldn’t have been financial hardships that drove teaching talent out of our state. After all, reports of state budget cuts are just fake...
Next OU president

The next OU president: Five potential candidates

With University of Oklahoma President David Boren announcing his retirement plans, the university's Board of Regents will be tasked with choosing the next OU...



Normalization of swastikas poses troubling trend

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Here’s the thing about swastikas: They’re easy to draw. The simplest of minds can hammer one out in a matter...
Tulsa Race Riot

Silenced Cries: A poem on the Tulsa Race Riot

Silenced Cries by James Coburn I don’t remember the terror in Greenwood. I wasn’t there. Never was it taught to me in history books. 1921 burning of the...

Bodega box concept a supposed threat to mom-and-pop stores

With creators of the Bodega box apologizing for upsetting people, Mike Allen laughs at the notion it will kill mom-and-pop stores. Do you find the...



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