Wednesday, October 18, 2017
sexual harassmentvideo

Sexual harassment: Viral hashtag shows extent, creates dialogue

Let me be clear: I do not give a damn about Harvey Weinstein. I do not want to hear his name again, and I...

Puerto Rican actress Lymari Nadal: ‘I demand more for my home’

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I witnessed numerous disasters, such as the 1985 floods, which resulted in deadly landslides, Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Georges....


Carol Bush, House GOP caucus

Rep. Carol Bush’s email raises GOP caucus questions

(Clarification: This post was updated at 8:20 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 12, to which proposal received the most support in whip count discussed.) An email newsletter...
education metricsvideo

Regardless of the education metrics, let’s move #oklaed forward

If Oklahoma adopted the metric system, there would be plenty of griping. For one, the highway markers would be changed from miles to kilometers....
Magdiel Sanchez Pearl Pearson

Policing the deaf: Magdiel Sanchez and Pearl Pearson

On Sept. 19, two Oklahoma City Police Department officers responded to a hit-and-run complaint at an intersection near the 200 block of Southeast 57th...



‘Sustained surge of water’: The basics of a hurricane

This year saw one of the costliest Atlantic hurricane seasons — both in dollars and lives — since accurate records of them were first...
Hurricane Maria

Trump fadeaway jumper topples Hurricane Maria

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump made quite a few headlines on his recent visit to Puerto Rico. Chief among them: We...
epic limerick

Have you ever read an epic limerick before?

Epic limerick: Is not my word as a fire by Derek Geiger Ere the solstice time's portent Of this season's dread intent And the burden on the men To...



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