Saturday, February 17, 2018
breath vs bullets

Breath vs Bullets: A poem for America

Breath vs Bullets by James Coburn Children breathe against a gunman their only defense. We breathe facing weapons — free to exhale smoke from pierced lungs. A gun is free to...
food bank

Letter: Will sell my spirit and soul for food

To the editors: Most Saturday mornings since last June, I've been going to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, a huge warehouse that collects enormous quantities...


David Holt elected Oklahoma City mayor

David Holt elected Oklahoma City mayor; Murdock wins SD 27

Sen. David Holt (R-OKC) has been elected as Oklahoma City's next mayor. He will succeed Mayor Mick Cornett, for whom Holt served as chief...

Teachers to lawmakers: ‘Where’s the better plan?’

For teachers, the goal of a rally Monday to raise educator salaries by $5,000 was not just for themselves but for their students. “If kids...
Charles McCall Jon Echols

Echols: ‘Maybe the other side doesn’t want to make a deal’

Flanked by members of the Step Up Oklahoma coalition, House Speaker Charles McCall held a press conference at 9:30 this evening "to make one...


curling Olympics

Winter Olympics: The case for shuffleboard over curling

Two days ago, I realized I know almost nothing about winter sports and, by extension, the Winter Olympics. Skiing and ice skating are fairly...

How a movement forgot my mother: #MeToo, privilege and trauma

In the Trump era, it’s difficult to find much for an unabashed, cynical, idealistic misanthrope like me to be thankful for. I can, however,...

Working in Midwest City: AWACS rattle brain

I work in Midwest City. I've worked there for more than 10 years now. "You'll get used to it," they said. "I don't even notice the...



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