Friday, September 30, 2016
racial diversity

Oklahoma newsrooms’ racial diversity lags U.S. average

The American Society of News Editors has conducted a census of racial diversity in newsrooms every year since 1997. The stated goal of the annual...
U.S. presidential election

Fates of Syria, Ukraine hinge on U.S. presidential election

This is perhaps the last piece I will write for NonDoc before the election in a couple of weeks, so I need to tell...
Real ID

With REAL ID still unreal in Oklahoma, deadlines loom

(Editor's note: According to OKDPS spokesman Jeff Hankins, the Associated Press report linked below noting a 90-day extension from the U.S. Department of Homeland...



Tulsa Race Riot

Crutcher death echoes Tulsa Race Riot’s ‘white hysteria’

End of May, first of June 1921. In Tulsa, a young black male enters a crowded elevator and brushes against a young, white female....
OKC health efforts

Despite emerging OKC health efforts, challenges remain

The Oklahoma Health Center has become the crown jewel of the local economy. Obviously, many of the Health Science Center's health efforts are made possible by enormous...

Poll: 74 percent of OKGOP voters view Trump favorably

A poll from Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates released today finds that 74 percent of registered OKGOP voters now have a favorable view of their party's...


Munich Oktoberfest

Munich Oktoberfest: Security improved but not ironclad

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Germany's Oktoberfest began Sept. 17, and, continuing six years of tradition, I headed over from my home in Switzerland. One year ago, Germany...
Plaza Fest

Filter: Plaza Fest features Plaza Walls Mural Expo

This year's Plaza Fest in Oklahoma City showcased live painting from several local artists. The Plaza Walls were reworked with new murals Saturday during the first-ever...
The rot in my yard

Sundaze: Terence Crutcher’s forest & ‘The rot in my yard’

The forest of Terence Crutcher's death I've seen a lot of the "let's wait til the facts come out" mentality this week regarding the death...



National anthem drama highlights American rights

One of the more routine tasks of being a public address announcer during my time at Langston University involved playing the national anthem at sporting...
Barry Switzer

Letter: Barry Switzer and his wife voting ‘No’ on SQ 777

To the editors: My passion for the gridiron is well known. What a lot of people don’t know about me is my love of animals. My...
University of Oklahoma fans

Sundaze: ‘Time to study’ at the University of Oklahoma

'Time to study' Over the course of my father's three decades teaching state history at the University of Oklahoma, he developed a stock joke — whenever OU lost its...

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