Thursday, August 17, 2017

‘We just can’t keep doing this’: OKCPS to consider suing Legislature

In Aurora Lora's first 30 days as superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools, she had to develop a plan to cut $30 million from...
overdraft charges

Disdain for bank overdraft charges ignores realities

An article authored by Suzanne Woolley that appeared in Bloomberg’s Businessweek Aug. 4, and subsequently was picked up by several newspapers across the country, demonstrates...


clean water

Native American tribes fight for clean water, more money

By Lauren Kaljur and Macee Beheler News21 CROW AGENCY, Mont. — When John Doyle first noticed signs of trouble in the Little Bighorn River, he...
echo chamber

Echo chamber: How media consumption affects opinions

Darkness is descending upon the land. A wall has been erected between fellow men. We are at an ideological impasse as a nation; at...
McCall budget hole

McCall on filling budget hole: ‘We have multiple options’

After a morning meeting of the House GOP caucus, Speaker Charles McCall (R-Atoka) said the Legislature has "a lot of options" for addressing the...


Three Percenter

Bomb-plot suspect linked to III% group, but who are they?

As America reels from the terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia, a man from the rural Oklahoma town of Sayre has been arrested for allegedly attempting...

Eclipse: The path of totality and the super-hot corona

Am I the only one who has bought into all of this eclipse hype? I'm not willing to travel to get the best views...
Good Gravy Diner

Good Gravy: American diner brings the calorie bombs

When it comes time to appraise the value of a dish, the accessibility of the American diner becomes a double-edged sword. In diner food's...



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