Thursday, July 27, 2017
school rankings

School rankings: Shocking headlines a terrible thing to waste

My question in NonDoc about how we should respond to's ranking of 10 Oklahoma schools in its list of the nation’s 100 “worst”...

As in Mao’s China, Rep. Osborn punished for speaking truth to...

On July 2, 1959, Chairman Mao Zedong convened the 8th Plenum of the Eighth Central committee of the Communist Party of China (the Lushan Conference). The intended...


modest proposal

A modest proposal for defending the cigarette fee

We’re painfully aware of the decision the U.S. Supreme Court must make in terms of the Trump administration’s ban on refugees from Muslim-majority nations....
Tussle at the Tower

Tussle at the Tower: Oklahoma County Sheriff debate will host Tussle at the Tower, a public debate between Oklahoma County Sheriff candidates, from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23, at...

Letter: Civil progress stunted by ‘homo-hatred’

To the editors: I don't presume that all the readers of my articles are gay-friendly, but I do think it's reasonable to see how homo-hatred...


Braums bully

Braum’s smash! The dairy store has become a bully

When did Braum's become such a bully? I feel like things were going so well between the company and the communities it serves. For...

Short story: ‘My Baby Must Live!’

She felt tears form in her eyes as the prickly feeling weighing heavily on her heart increased. Once again, as it had come to...
He is a soldier

He is a soldier, his family is praying for him

He is a soldier by Bipin Khatiwada His family is praying for him. He is struggling to save victims. Saves lives from the mouth of death, With a fearless and...



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