Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Project Blue Sky

Those who pan Project Blue Sky are missing the point

The Oklahoma interwebs have been abuzz about Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell’s recent efforts to rebrand the State of Oklahoma with a new logo, slogan...
Tondalo Hall

After 15 years, Tondalo Hall clears commutation hurdle

Tondalo Hall, an Oklahoma City woman serving 30 years in prison for permitting child abuse, had her application for sentence commutation advanced to a...


wind farm tax valuation

Stakeholders want to standardize Oklahoma wind farm tax valuation

Renewable energy companies and Rep. Kevin West (R-Moore) are set to hold an Aug. 1 meeting at the Oklahoma State Capitol in an attempt...

Arena, animals, kids take center stage at second MAPS 4 forum

Oklahoma City's youth, its wayward animals and its seniors were among the topics covered in MAPS 4 presentations during a marathon five-hour meeting today. The...
OKC parks

‘Dream big’: City hears first set of MAPS 4 proposals

In a series of presentations Tuesday, Oklahoma City residents got their first detailed look at ideas that could find their way onto a ballot...


Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson is more than a protest singer

Peggy Johnson folded away her Navy whites. She packed up her civies, a guitar and the frying pan her mother had given her, and...

Pride is more than a week, month, parade or flag

The month of June stands as Pride Month, and this year Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt declared the third week of June as Pride...
college costs an arm and a leg

It’s official, college costs an arm and a leg

Metaphorically speaking, college costs an arm and a leg. While it hasn't quite literally come to that yet, I expect a limb-exchange program soon...


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