Thursday, August 22, 2019
Cynthia Roe

Rep. Cynthia Roe: Women intentionally violated parole to access cancer treatment

When nurse practitioner Cynthia Roe was working weekends for the Lindsay Municipal Hospital, she often cared for Oklahoma Department of Corrections inmates who were...

Displacement after disasters: When there’s no place to call home

By Rachel Farrell and Stacy Fernández | News21 PORT ARTHUR, Texas – Under the shade of a sweeping Texas ash tree, Benjamin Davis sits in...



Without federal aid, states help themselves

By Drew Hutchinson and Bailey Lewis | News21 BONDURANT, Wyoming – Marlene “Lanie” Beebe stood in a pair of slippers, surrounded by scorched trees. A...
storm survivors

Storm survivors ‘struggle in silence’ with mental health

By Sarah Beth Guevara and Katie Hunger | News21 MOORE — After a natural disaster, storm survivors can have psychological fallouts for weeks and months,...
Joe Biden

Poll: Joe Biden has early lead with Oklahoma Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the field among Oklahoma Democrats just more than six months before the state's presidential primary, but the party's...


big box store

In a big box store beside a huge parking lot

In a big box store where managers train to intimidate, associates zone in packs crossing aisles, arranging order To be broken, by management’s pecking order. The chain...

MAPS 7: After pickleball stadium’s success, voters pitched Joystick Arena

Over the past several weeks, Oklahoma City residents have heard numerous proposals for MAPS 4, three of which involve sports arenas in some form...

Two-buck suck: Nielsen killed their own radio survey

The Nielsen company is likely the best-known media ratings entity in America. It solicits people to record their programming preferences in a one-week diary...


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