Tuesday, December 18, 2018
NonDoc for sale, seeking solutions

NonDoc suspending operations, seeking solutions

During our three-plus years running NonDoc Media, we have received a lot of compliments. People largely like our work, but those who ask about...

Oklahoma’s far-right accuses Rep. Kannady of ‘treason’

On the eve of the Nov. 6 election, the New York Times offered one of the best explanations for Oklahoma's Republican victories. Campbell Robertson...


Our divides are real, but we can fix them… Right?

Despite setting statistical records, it hurts that only 56 percent of eligible voters turned out for Oklahoma's midterm election, and it hurts even more that 40...
Rep. Logan Phillips

Logan Phillips spent $0, beat top OK House Democrat

BEGGS — After participating in April's teacher rallies at the Oklahoma State Capitol, Republican Logan Phillips had a plan: Pursue an open House District...
Melania Trump

‘I wish Melania Trump would stop sending me letters’

I wish Melania Trump would stop sending me letters. It's bad enough that she has been asking for money, but it's worse that she...


Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival

Photos: Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival turns 22

Founded by three-time national fiddle champion Byron Berline the 22nd annual iteration of the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival picked and grinned its way through Guthrie...
transgender rights

Photos: Rally for transgender rights features peace, love

I had not been down to the Oklahoma State Capitol in ages, but I decided to head to a rally on Nov. 3 for...
Christmas season

It’s time to debate the time for Christmas season

When do we, in a modern, civilized society, start Christmas season? It's a debate as old as ... rampant consumerism has been associated with...


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