The Writers’ Fund

The Writers’ Fund

Writers' Fund

What is the Writers’ Fund?

NonDoc publishes two main types of content: commentaries and reportage. While our commentators submit their opinionated articles freely and without compensation, we strive to pay for objective articles grounded in traditional journalism.

That’s where the Writers’ Fund comes in.

The Writers’ Fund draws from a pool of monthly contributions offered by our readers. In turn, those contributions allow us to attract and retain vetted correspondents because we’re able to pay them for their work.

Think of it like crowd-funded journalism.

How does it work?

Readers contribute money to the Writers’ Fund, and we use that money to pay reporters for covering important communities and topics.

Simple as that.

Contributions can be either one-time or recurring. If you value the content on our site, and you value the work our reporters do, then consider becoming a recurring contributor. Even small amounts go a long way.

How do I contribute?

Use the PayPal “Donate” button below to submit a recurring monthly contribution to the Writers’ Fund for whatever amount is comfortable to you. Whether that’s $30 a month, $10 a month or even just $5 a month, our writers appreciate every penny equally. Each contribution helps.

If one payment at a time suits you better, that’s no problem, either. Simply choose “’one-time contribution” when prompted below.


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Examples of reportage supported by the Writers’ Fund


Oklahoma Innocence Project

Innocence Project exonerees recall 22 years behind bars by Jeff Packham


New Black Wall Street Marketplace in northeast Oklahoma City

‘An active solution’: Black-led businesses seek to empower northeast Oklahoma City by George Lang


Dr. Gordon Deckert

Dr. Gordon Deckert still preaching health after 85 years by Jack Fowler