Sunday, June 23, 2024
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How you can sponsor local journalism

We have a saying: No matter your organization’s top priority, supporting local journalism should be your second.

When NonDoc Media converted to a nonprofit business model in late 2019, we named our 501(c)(3) legal entity the Sustainable Journalism Foundation to emphasize our focus: achieving sustainability for community journalism in a modern media ecosystem.

Unlike sales-based advertising, a charitable sponsorship shows that your entity supports free access to independent media. We do not accept sponsorship from political campaigns.

If you support community journalism in Oklahoma, please consider sponsoring the Sustainable Journalism Foundation for a 12-month period, starting any time. For our 2024 operational year, sponsorship levels include:

  • $1,000 freelance sponsor
  • $2,500 internship sponsor
  • $5,000 sustainability sponsor (includes debate series)
  • $6,500 workforce sponsor
  • $10,000 distribution sponsor
  • $12,500 executive sponsor

Based proportionally by amount, each of those sponsorship levels includes recognition on our website, in our email newsletter, on social media and during events.

By sponsoring at our higher workforce, distribution and executive levels, your organization will receive more placements and higher rotation percentages on our platforms. In an effort to meet your goals, NonDoc’s development department can work with you to establish other specific benefits and recognitions that show your support of independent journalism.

As your company or organization considers how to allocate its marketing budget, please remember the importance of supporting local media and let us work with you to develop a feel-good campaign that recognizes your charitable contribution!

For more information about how you can become a sponsor of NonDoc, please reach out to Angela Anne Jones, at

We truly appreciate your support of independent media in your community.

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