Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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How you can sponsor local journalism

After filing to switch to a nonprofit business model, NonDoc Media now allows your organization the chance to sponsor local journalism in your community. Unlike advertising, charitable sponsorship allows recognition of your entity’s support for independent media and other generalized topics. We do not accept sponsorship from political campaigns.

If you support independent local media, please consider being a sponsor of the Sustainable Journalism Foundation (DBA: NonDoc Media). For our 2020 operations, potential levels include:

  • $1,000 sustaining sponsor
  • $2,500 freelance sponsor
  • $5,000 debate series sponsor
  • $5,000 internship program sponsor
  • $6,000 workforce sponsor

Each of those sponsorship levels includes general recognition on our website, in our email newsletter, on social media and during events.

Debate sponsors will receive extra recognition for their support of our series of fair, public political debates in 2020. Internship sponsors will be recognized for supporting opportunities for young journalists to be paid while receiving valuable experience. Workforce sponsors will be noted as supporters of quality employment in Oklahoma for journalists and other trades.

We are open to other potential sponsorship opportunities as well.

For more information about how you can become a sponsor of NonDoc, please reach out to our operations manager, Angela Jones, at Angela@nondoc.com.

We truly appreciate your support of independent media in your community.

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