Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sustainable Journalism Endowment

Cement your legacy,
support local journalism

The Sustainable Journalism Endowment’s express purpose is to further the mission and vision of NonDoc Media by creating long-term funding for journalism jobs in Oklahoma. By helping us grow this endowment, your financial support helps ensure NonDoc’s independence and sustainability for years to come. Put another way, your gift to the Sustainable Journalism Endowment makes an investment in the future of Oklahoma journalism.

Launched in late 2022, the Sustainable Journalism Endowment is established at and managed by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The endowment’s annual return guaranteed by OCCF essentially equates to $1 million of endowed funds funding one journalism job at NonDoc, and donors can sign agreements to support specific efforts.

NonDoc’s current priority areas for growing community journalism in Oklahoma include opportunities for endowing reporting positions focused on:

  • Courts and criminal justice
  • Tribal affairs
  • Child health and welfare
  • Specific local or geographical areas

With Oklahoma communities big and small grappling with the loss of reporting positions at traditional newspaper outlets, please consider making a donation today, or reach out to learn more about how the Sustainable Journalism Endowment can serve residents of our state.

Contact our team to establish your legacy today.

Make a donation today

Beyond NonDoc’s direct mission, the endowment is designed to support the future of journalism in Oklahoma. If for some reason NonDoc ceased to exist, the earnings from the fund would still be distributed to organizations continuing independent journalism in Oklahoma. Click here to donate today.


Plan your gifts

Want to discuss long-term donation options for supporting the Sustainable Journalism Endowment? Simply fill out this brief Google form, and NonDoc staff will be in contact to answer your questions.

Make an IRA distribution

People age 70.5 and older who have an individual retirement account (IRA) can make tax-free distributions to a charity.

Donate non-cash assets

Do you have stocks, mineral interests or property that you would like to donate to the Sustainable Journalism Endowment? Contact us by filling out this brief Google form and we can talk through your options.

Ways you can support
the SJF endowment

There are numerous ways you and your family can leave a legacy that supports Oklahoma journalism in perpetuity.

Make an online donation

Click to donate by credit card.

Donate by check

Make checks payable to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and be sure to write “Sustainable Journalism Endowment” on the memo line.

Mail or deliver your check to:
OKC Community Foundation
1000 N. Broadway Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Have questions? Make a plan?

To speak with NonDoc staff regarding donation options for supporting the Sustainable Journalism Endowment, fill out this brief Google form, and NonDoc staff will be in contact to answer your questions.

For more information from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation about how and what to give, visit this webpage. To review 13 “Did you know?” tips from OCCF, click here.

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