Monday, April 24, 2017


science march

March for Science: ‘Our priorities are so out of whack’

The first year I became a lawyer — some three decades ago now — I made more money than my late father had ever made in...

420: No longer just for stoners as weed politics grow

Merry Spliffmas and Happy Chronukah, y'all! Each year, April 20 stands as a sort of marijuana-appreciation day, mainly because the numerical date of 4-20 corresponds...
Microsoft CEOvideo

Spastic ex-Microsoft CEO launches civic database

It's not often that a corporate billionaire seeks to provide a public service in the name of Constitutional duty. But that's what former Microsoft...
special elections

Five uses for $40k that are better than special elections

Oklahomans will be gifted the chance to send some new faces to the Capitol in some upcoming special elections. On one hand, I'm happy that garbage...
managed Medicaid

‘Do no harm’: Managed Medicaid proposal fraught with uncertainty

A leading House Republican thinks Oklahoma needs to pump the brakes on an impending plan to privatize part of the state's Medicaid program. A new federal...
Okie Democrats

Letter: Okie Democrats do well once voters have facts

To the editors: If you’ve heard that the Oklahoma Democratic Party is on the way out in Oklahoma, let’s review Democrats’ success in special elections...

Editorial: How many third-graders would Jesus suspend?

Our Monday editorials are written on Sunday. Hence, this examination of SB 81 was crafted on Easter. That bill (embedded below), authored by Sen. Ron Sharp...

NPR features Tulsa teacher’s #oklaed Twitter poetry

National Public Radio (NPR) recently featured a Tulsa-based English and creative writing teacher's poetry as part of its ongoing #NPRpoetry project. The radio network has been...

Senate’s archaic procedure of cloture should be killed

Remember the old pasta sauce commercial that had lots of people asking if a certain popular sauce contained specific spices and specialty items? The tagline...
People are strange

People are strange: NYT columns reveal Tulsans’ duality

Nick Kristof and David Kirp had two noteworthy commentaries about Tulsa published in The New York Times on April 1. Although neither was a joke, their...

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