Friday, February 23, 2018


Florida school shooting

Florida school shooting: Make compassion our first response

Saturday morning I woke up and knew two things for sure: I felt angry, and I felt powerless. On Valentine’s Day, three days prior,...
NRA campaign funding

NRA campaign funding only a trickle in Oklahoma

(Editor’s note: This story was authored by Ben Botkin of Oklahoma Watch and appears here in accordance with the non-profit journalism organization’s republishing terms.) The...
revenue hole

Revenue hole: ‘It’s not as big as what we anticipated’

Gov. Mary Fallin expects to sign the Legislature's bill cutting state agencies for the end of Fiscal Year 2018, and she and the Oklahoma...
Veterinary Medical Hospital

Overnight at the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital

STILLWATER — It’s barely 6:30 p.m. when a sobbing woman runs in cradling a small, dark-furred scruff of a dog. No words are spoken, but...

A scorecard for criminal justice reform in 2018

(Editor’s note: This story was authored by Ben Botkin of Oklahoma Watch and appears here in accordance with the non-profit journalism organization’s republishing terms. It has been...
shuffle onward

Editorial: Shuffle onward, Oklahoma

Oklahomans are good at making do with less than they would like to have. Call it a historical holdover seared into Okie genetics by the...
food bank

Letter: Will sell my spirit and soul for food

To the editors: Most Saturday mornings since last June, I've been going to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, a huge warehouse that collects enormous quantities...

In wake of tax chill, reforms ‘absolutely should be considered’

As quickly as the Step Up Oklahoma coalition launched at the start of 2018, it phased down Tuesday with a one-paragraph press release hours...
OKCPS 2017 Statistical Abstract

OKCPS 2017 Statistical Abstract: Three takeaways

The OKCPS 2017 Statistical Abstract is out (and embedded at the end of this article). As we already knew, the state’s shift to higher standards produced a...
SQ 788

SQ 788: Medical marijuana bills address language, scope

As voters prepare to decide June 26 whether Oklahoma should allow the growth, distribution and use of medical marijuana, lawmakers have already begun to...

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