Wednesday, October 18, 2017



Puerto Rican actress Lymari Nadal: ‘I demand more for my home’

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I witnessed numerous disasters, such as the 1985 floods, which resulted in deadly landslides, Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Georges....

‘Disappointed’: Wallace, Fallin, Doerflinger trade criticisms

Call it the nature of the beast, but elected officials are rarely as candid in their press releases as they are behind closed doors. With...
Carol Bush, House GOP caucus

Rep. Carol Bush’s email raises GOP caucus questions

(Clarification: This post was updated at 8:20 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 12, to which proposal received the most support in whip count discussed.) An email newsletter...
education metricsvideo

Regardless of the education metrics, let’s move #oklaed forward

If Oklahoma adopted the metric system, there would be plenty of griping. For one, the highway markers would be changed from miles to kilometers....
Magdiel Sanchez Pearl Pearson

Policing the deaf: Magdiel Sanchez and Pearl Pearson

On Sept. 19, two Oklahoma City Police Department officers responded to a hit-and-run complaint at an intersection near the 200 block of Southeast 57th...
workers' comp

How a drug-court rehab kept its participants’ workers’ comp

By Amy Julia Harris and Shoshana Walter Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting After Fred Barbee broke his ankle while working at a chicken processing plant in Arkansas,...
Paul Scott

Sen. Paul Scott’s spiel unearths unique Thunder memorabilia

Oklahoma Sen. Paul Scott (R-Duncan) told his hometown paper Monday that he likes "free press." He had received some last week in a column...

OCPA’s references to Reagan ignore today’s realities

Recently, former Gov. Frank Keating, former Sen. Tom Coburn and former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Larry Parman penned a letter for the Oklahoma Council...
Dr. Harvey Jenkins

Dr. Harvey Jenkins deserves his day in court

It’s a debate that has raged since mankind lived in caves and one that remains a daily topic of current radio and television talk programs:...
Mike Pence

Editorial: Mike Pence shows hypocrisy leaving NFL game

If Vice President Mike Pence had announced he left Sunday's NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts because the teams...

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