Saturday, February 25, 2017



Research: Cortisol turns some kids into time bombs

I had two big personal takeaways from the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Foundation's excellent conference on early childhood education Feb. 9 at the University...

The boogers of public policy: Where to put them?

Ever wonder why policy people are often warned to avoid picking their noses? It's because, if they pull out a booger, they’ll have to find...
medical marijuana legislation

Democrats author medical marijuana legislation

NonDoc recently received some kudos from a high-profile source. The administrator of Gov. Mary Fallin's official Facebook page was kind enough to share our...
calm down

No, I will not calm down (and neither should you)

A now-viral New York Times op-ed by Sabrina Tavernise spells out a disturbing refrain I have heard for a few weeks now. It begs...
payday lending

Payday lending bills floated from both sides of aisle

History: One either learns from it or finds oneself doomed to repeat it. That's a memo that may have missed the desk of Sen. Dan...
ACA concerns

Citizens voice ACA concerns at insurance town hall

For Judy Cawthon, it was a pre-existing condition that ultimately led to continued depletion of her retirement account. Following the death of her husband,...
revenue failure

Oklahoma declares revenue failure again: ‘Our situation is dire’

For the second time in two fiscal years, the state of Oklahoma has declared a revenue failure, meaning tax collections are below the estimates used...
educator's guide

Educator’s guide to Islam a step in the right direction

All you need is love, or at least information. The Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter of Oklahoma (CAIR-OK) released its Educator's Guide to Islamic Religious...
OKCPS runoff

Questions for candidates as OKCPS runoff begins

The top two candidates for the Oklahoma City Public Schools Chairperson were Elizabeth Warren and Betsy DeVos — or so it sometimes seemed based on...
Mike Hunter

Mike Hunter named new Oklahoma Attorney General

With Scott Pruitt confirmed last week as the new director of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, Gov. Mary Fallin announced the appointment of Mike...

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